The Program


Current Courses

Applied Study: Orchestra (Years 1–3)
Full orchestral rehearsals are infused with discussion of the works being prepared for performance.
Applied Sectional Study (Years 1–3)
Sectionals, masterclasses, and special lectures enhance the student’s preparation for performance. This course also includes audition preparation and chamber music rehearsal and study.
Seminar in Orchestral Studies (Years 1–2)
In this intensive seminar, students study the historical and cultural context of the works they are preparing for performance.  They also learn the skills necessary to research musical works and integrate that research into their work as performers.
Curatorial Studies (Year 1)
Taken in conjunction with performance in the Bard Music Festival, this summer course focuses on repertoire and methods of concert programming, and examines the history of the orchestra as an institution and cultural force as a means of exploring why and how the concert tradition developed and how it might evolve.
Teaching Artist Program* (Year 3)
TŌN students participate in a teaching artist program, in which, with guidance, they participate in outreach programs and projects for a range of local communities.
*Not applicable to certificate students.
The Capstone Project* (Year 3)
This is an equivalent to the master’s degree thesis. The student may choose to write a scholarly treatise or may choose to design and implement a project they could conceivably continue after they graduate: an innovative chamber ensemble, a festival, a new kind of concert format, a music education program, some entrepreneurial scheme, an outreach project, etc.  
*Certificate students are not required to complete a Capstone Project, but are expected in their second year to participate in a fellow student's Capstone Project.