The Program

Life in TŌN

In TŌN, you will be part of a group of outstanding musicians who work together, share experiences and opportunities together, and who will learn from and collaborate with some of the finest orchestral performers in the world. The program is intense; therefore TŌN students are required to live within commuting distance of Bard College. They are responsible for acquiring their own housing, but networks of graduate student apartments and listings as well as advisory assistance are available to them. Bard maintains a shuttle service between nearby towns and the campus. Transportation is provided to performance venues in New York City and elsewhere outside the campus. 

With the exception of percussion and some specialized instruments, TŌN students use their own instruments and are responsible for storing and maintenance of them. Limited practice space is available on a sign-up basis.

It is the intention of this masters’ program to simulate as fully as possible the experience a musician may have in a full-time orchestra. Therefore, standards of discipline and conduct at a professional level are expected. Attendance and promptness to rehearsals and concerts are expected. Leaves of absence for purposes of audition are available to TŌN students 3 times a year with blackout dates. TŌN students are free to accept work outside the program as long as it does not conflict with any aspect of TŌN’s schedule.

It is to be expected that some members in the program will leave before finishing—we hope because they will win a seat in a great orchestra. It is requested that early departures occur only at the end of semesters in fairness to the other orchestral members.