Archaeology Field School

The Bard Archaeology Field School  is a hands-on summer learning program that enables students to do archaeological field research for college credit. Christopher Lindner, Field School director, and his community colleagues research the Palatine German settlers of 1710 & their descendants, many of whom still live in the area. Excavation continues at the 18th-century Parsonage in Germantown that in the 19th Century was the home of several African American families. Link in photo above provides access to online exhibits.

After serving as a home for a succession of German Reformed ministers, this stone house was purchased in 1805 by a locally prominent woman, who owned slaves. She sold it in 1827 to her friend's son, a Dutch American physician. He is listed there in the 1830 census, next to an African American, Henry Persons (ca. 1803-1868). Mr. Persons bought the house in 1852 and his daughter sold it in 1911 to Henry Fingar. Tenants lived there subsequently. In 1944 Friedl and Edward Ekert, German-American preservationists, purchased and restored the house, willing it to the Town in 1990.

What Students Do

Field school students will learn basic techniques of excavation and mapping. We will read and discuss a variety of background materials and historical maps, using artist’s reconstructions to formulate interpretations of the discoveries. There will also be laboratory analysis of artifact finds. Transportation will be provided to the digs, 8 mi north of Bard.

Program at a Glance

  • The Archaeology Field School is open to college undergraduates, high school students rising into grades 9–12, and community members.
  • Up to 12 participants will earn 4 college credits for 4 weeks of research.
  • Tuition is $1,700 for 4 credits at the 200 level
  • Financial aid is available based on need.
  • Lodging at Bard is available for $77 per week.
  • Transportation will be available to and from the site for students residing at Bard.

Program 2018

Dates: July 9 through August 3 (4 weeks)
Class Times: 9am to 3pm MWF; 9am to 12pm TTh ; 10am to 2pm Sat. July 21 (rain date July 22)
Location: Germantown, NY