Welcome to the Children's Center

Welcome to the Children



The center will be open for spring break. 
Please be sure to sign up for your childcare needs.

The center is closed on March 31st for staff to attend
the NYSAEYC annual conference.

At the Children's Center

Our mission is to provide a secure, nurturing, and educational setting for all children.Through teacher directed and child-initiated activities and through play, we believe children will develop cognitively, socially, and emotionally.We encourage children to plan, explore, question, and experiment throughout their day and encourage all children to be cooperative and respectful with others and their environment.

The center program is based on an emergent curriculum. Themes and activities are organized around the children's interests, as well as keeping individual and group goals and developmental needs in mind.  Teachers plan the curriculum by using and introducing materials and experiences to enhance the children's knowledge,  will encourage the children's interest, continue to challenge each individual, and to allow  the children to add their own creativity into all areas of the classroom.

If you have any questions about The Children's Center or about our website, please contact Director Kristine Williams at