Welcome to the Learning Commons

Welcome to the Learning Commons

Greetings, Bard Faculty, Students, Staff, and Prospective Students,

While tutoring, learning strategies, faculty support, and all college writing remain online, please find our new Online Learning Commons web page.

Amid concerns over COVID-19, we hope that you are all well, safe, and healthy. The Learning Commons has moved from our trademark in-seat tutoring to remote, online collaborative learning, joining the growing list of remote resources for Bard students. Students looking for continuing 1:1 course support, learning strategies, writing consulting, ESL tutoring, and 1:1 senior project support, all provided by the Learning Commons' trained peer tutors are asked to contact blc@bard.edu and let us know what course(s) they are specifically looking for support in, their time zone and location, and their communication application of choice. We will connect them with one of our tutors via email. The two may then make an individual meeting plan, and hold tutoring sessions over Skype, Google Hangout, Meet or a similar venue. 
Faculty, please let your classes know that the Learning Commons virtually remains for their course-support needs. We look forward to returning to brick-and-mortar soon, and we wish you well in the mean time.

The Learning Commons provides academic support for all Bard students. We offer peer tutoring in writing and mathematics as well as every subject taught at the college. We offer writing and academic skills workshops for the general student population and support for senior projects and moderation papers. We help students seeking disability accommodations. And our faculty teach credit-bearing courses in writing, mathematics, English as a second language, and inclusive pedagogies, composition philosophy and pedagogy, information literacy, and public speaking.

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