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Our Locations

  • New York
    Candidates are prepared to work in a variety of educational settings studying with faculty scholars on the Bard College campus north of New York City in the Hudson Valley while completing mentored field experiences in a diverse MAT educational community.
  • California
    This year-long MAT program and residency is based on our campus at Heart of Los Angeles in a federally-designated “Promise Zone” and offers pathways for teaching underserved youth through internships in both urban and rural high-needs schools.
  • Palestine
    This joint effort with Al-Quds University for teachers in Palestine integrates graduate-level study in an academic discipline and key areas in education with ongoing work teaching or apprenticing in classrooms.


  • About Our Program
    The Bard MAT offers advanced graduate study in the academic disciplines and pedagogy, public school residencies, close faculty mentoring, and a focus on the teaching of subject matter content to adolescent learners. Programs are offered in literature, history, mathematics, and biology on distinct campus settings.
    Accepting applications on a rolling basis through April 30 (New York) and June 2 (California)

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