Campus Life (part 1)
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1. The Old Gym, ca. 1925. The Memorial Gymnasium is converted into a festive ballroom for the occasion of this “Class Hop.”

2. A St. Stephen’s player at bat, ca. 1928. Baseball was popular at St. Stephen’s through the 1920s. By the fall of 1929 it was announced that baseball would replace lacrosse as the official spring sport. It was thought that, to be competitive, St. Stephen’s should promote sports that didn’t require the steep learning curve of lacrosse; freshmen already knew how to play baseball.

3. The Bard basketball team, 1933–1934. Photograph by G. Fritz.

4. WXBC radio show taping, late 1940s. WXBC was conceived in 1946 by Elie Shneour ’47 and implemented by many hands, including those of John Gillin ’47, who wrote his senior project about the technical design and construction of this college radio station. The “X” in its call letters stood for “experimental,” and the 1951 yearbook described the station as the “Voice of the Bard Campus.” In this photograph, the students behind the glass are, from left, Miles Hollister ’50, Corinne Sherman ’49, Scott Peyton ’52, Dick Sherman ’49, Carol Andrews ’48, and an unknown man. At the controls is Joan Abner ’50. Photograph by Hans Knopf.

5. Student at the piano, ca. 1930s. The student pictured is possibly John Steinway ’39, of the Steinway piano family. Classmates have recollected with delight that Steinway had a baby grand piano in his dorm room during his years at the College.
6. Campus bowling alley, 1948. Almost thirty years after it was built, this photo illustrates the continued popularity of the two-lane bowling alley in the basement of the Memorial Gymnasium.

7. The campus post office in Hegeman, ca. 1940s. Photograph by Hans Knopf.

8. Janice Weitz ’48 waits on a student in the College Store in Hegeman, ca. 1947. The well- stocked shelves met the needs of most college students, whether they needed a Bard t-shirt, a hand-painted waste basket, or a pipe.

9. Fire department, ca. 1949. This image illustrates a drill of the student-run volunteer fire department that existed from 1942 to 1960. Intended to protect the Bard community and to provide student members with fire-fighting skills, the student company fought fires as far away as Rhinecliff and Clermont.

10. Dorm scene, mid 1950s. Student Jack Feare ’53, his wife Rachelle, and their baby in their room on campus. In the 1950s it was not unusual for students to have families, and they were often given special accommodations. By the early sixties, however, the College catalog stated that Bard would take “no responsibility whatsoever for the housing of married students,” a decision made jointly by President Kline, the dean, Buildings and Grounds, and the Faculty Housing Committee. Photograph by David Brooks ’45, BLACK STAR.
11. A group of students sit with Gerard DeGre (center) and Joan Larkey (in profile on right) in the Hegeman Coffee Shop, ca. 1955. Professor DeGre taught sociology at Bard from 1947-1968, and Professor Larkey taught drama from 1951-1956. Photograph by Hans Knopf.

12. Campus meeting, early 1950s. Dean Ruth Gillard (center) meets with students including, Naomi Bellinson ’53, at left, Dick Muller ’51, second, and David Schwab ’52, far right. The men in the center are two unidentified professors from other colleges visiting the Bard campus. Photograph by Jim Mansfield.
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