Campus Life (Part 2)
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1. Rhoda Levine ’53 poses for Steve Burr ’53 in a campus studio, early 1950s. Photograph by David Brooks ’45.

2. Preston Hall, date unknown. Two men stand in Preston Hall with tables set for an event. Preston was built in 1873 with funds donated by Betsy Preston, a cook in the employ of John Aspinwall. The gift represented her life savings. To honor her, St. Stephen’s built a refectory that remained in continuous use as a dining hall, with separate rooms for students and faculty, until Kline Commons was completed in 1972.

3. Students gather to enjoy some live music, ca. late 1940s. Identified are Susan Wender ’48 at piano; James Pines ’46; Charles Friou ’46, third from left; and Emil Oberholzer ’48, standing beside Pines.

4. Werner Wolff, seated at end of table, socializes with unidentified students, ca. 1943. Professor Wolff taught psychology at Bard from 1943 until his death in 1957.

5. Art Library, 1952. Three unidentified women share a sofa in the Art Library as they read reserved materials. Both the art and science departments had separate libraries, which was convenient for the departments, but difficult to maintain as fully functioning libraries. Kit Kauders Ellenbogen ’52 sits at the circulation desk talking with Bill Lewit ’52. Photograph by David Brooks ’45.

6. Sherman Yellen ‘53 and an unidentified student share ice cream, probably near the Hegeman coffee shop, ca. 1950s.
7. The Blithewood Swimming Pool, ca. 1957. Standing at the right is Carolee Schneemann ’59 talking with Shane Riordan, business manager of the College. Though most people who swam there remember the pool with fondness for its romance, a June 1954 issue of the student newspaper Communitas reports that the pool had suffered an infestation of helgramites, crustaceans described as creatures about three inches long, with six legs, thorny spines and two fierce looking mandibles. It was left to Cal Avery, then head of Building and Grounds, to clear out the pool. Photograph by the Mercury Press.

8. Students enjoy the view at Blithewood, ca. 1952. Photograph by Hans Knopf, PIX Incorporated.

9. The fire of the Zabriskie Coach House Theater, 1973. Following the fire of the Zabriskie Coach House Theater on February 25, 1973 nothing was left standing but the chimney. A letter from then Vice President Bob Bruce was sent to parents assuring them that the drama program at Bard was not in jeopardy, but donations of power tools, men’s dress wear, clothes dummies, pre-1940 clothing, fabrics, and ironing boards would be welcome. Photograph by Fred Greenspan ’75.

10. Bard College Drama Group, ca. 1959. The Bard College Drama Group returns to campus after a four-state tour, unloading stage sets at the Zabriskie Coach House Theater. This is the theater that is shown on fire in Photo #9. Identified from left: Robert Anton ’59; Sonja Frommerova-Fox ’60, Donald Parker ’61, and Edward Kalish ’60. Photograph by Fred Sass.

11. Blithewood fountain, 1962. Taken on Parents’ Day in June 1962, both students and parents enjoy the fountain at Blithewood.
12. An annual faculty picnic at Blithewood, 1960s. Louise and Reamer Kline sit at the center, with, from left, Kay Dewsnap (standing), Bill Walters, Curtmarie Crane, and Fred Crane.

13. Professor William Driver talks with students on campus, ca. 1981. The seated man is Chris Kendall ’82. Bill Driver was professor of drama from 1959 until his death in 2000.
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