BARD AT WORK (part 1)


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1. Army recruits on campus, March 1944. This image captures a drill of the 294- man Army Specialized Training Program stationed at Bard. With most Bard students having enlisted or been drafted into WWII, the College again turned to the government, and sought to house an army training unit on campus to keep its doors open. The soldiers in this elite unit had high linguistic abilities and were taught German by Professor Frauenfelder and French by Dr. Artinian, along with map making, hygiene, etc. Photograph by Elie Shneour ’47.

2. Students, ca. 1947. Two biology students work together at a microscope; the man on the right is identified as James Robin McCartney ’47.

3. Laboratory scene, ca. 1950s. Dr. Theodore Sottery works with students in a chemistry lab. Appointed by B.I. Bell in 1929, Professor Sottery taught until 1963. Identified students are, in foreground, Ed Caroe ’51 and, standing alone in back, Mort Besen ’52. Photograph by Hans Knopf.

4. Lab scene, ca. 1950. An unidentified student works with a microscope.

5. Machine shop scene, ca. 1947. An unidentified student uses a drill press. Photograph by Elie Shneour ’47.

6. Art class, ca. 1949. Students sketch in the art studio, located on the second floor of Orient Hall. Orient was a non-descript building with a long history at the College. Built in 1868 as a temporary structure, it was variously repurposed as a dorm, servants’ quarters, artists’ studios, an art gallery, and a theater. In 1915 it was hoisted into the air so that a central heating plant could be installed in its basement. Orient was destroyed by fire in April 1959, though its foundation now supports the building known as “Old Henderson.” Identified students (all seated) are, second from left, Charlie Marks ’52, third, Joan Williams ’50, fifth, Sam Summers ’51, and, far right, Iris Lipskar ’52. Photograph by Hans Knopf.

7. Frederick Q. (“Fritz”) Shafer ’37 meets with student Susan Moore ’49, 1949. Father Shafer taught religion and was chaplain of the College for several decades between 1944 and his retirement in 1989.

8. Jin Kinoshita ’44 takes notes beside a microscope, 1944. Though Kinoshita’s family was held at an internment camp during WWII, he was allowed to attend Bard, where he studied biology. Kinoshita received an honorary doctorate from the College in 1967 after a long and noteworthy career in scientific research.

9. Dance class lead by instructor Zoe Warren ’50, 1952. Photograph by Hans Knopf.

10. Fred Crane teaches a class outdoors, ca. 1950. Professor Crane taught history at Bard between 1949 and 1978. Pictured: Martin Johnson ('53) first row, far left; Pat Rose first row, second from right; Tom Rondell ('58) second row, far left; Andy Ashlund top row, second from left; John Muntzinger ('52) top row, third from left; Bob Ronder ('53) top row, far right; Dave Hoddeson ('52) at top right corner.

11. The literature division of Bard, 1953. Standing, from left, are professors Keith Botsford, Saul Bellow, Irma Brandeis, Tony Hecht, and William Frauenfelder. Seated are Jack Ludwig, William Humphrey, Warren Carrier, and Andrews Wanning.

12. Theater class, ca. 1952. Instructors Joan Larkey and Larry Wismer with students in the Orient Theatre. Photograph by Hans Knopf.

13. Precisionist painter Professor Stefan Hirsch works on several drafts of his painting, “The Bombing of Nuremberg,” 1947. The completed canvas now hangs in President Botstein’s office. One of many intellectual émigrés at Bard during and after WWII, Stefan Hirsch, along with others (including Felix and Elizabeth Hirsch, Werner and Kate Wolff, Adolph Sturmthal, Emil Hauser, and Heinrich Bluecher), represented a rich infusion of European scholars into Bard’s mid-century teaching community. Photograph by Elie Shneour ’47.
14. Felix Hirsch teaches a class in the oak grove in front of Stone Row, ca. 1949. In addition to heading the library, which he did from 1936–1955, Felix Hirsch taught German and European history at Bard. Brandon Grove ’50 is visible in the foreground. Photograph by David Brooks ’45.

15. Bard Hall lecture, 1947. Students listen with rapt attention to a concert or lecture. Identified are Mollie Boring ’47, seated near the window; Fred Segal ’49, at extreme right in second to last row; and Kathryn Carlisle ’47, in plaid shirt near the back.
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