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1. Torchlight procession, February 1957. In late December 1956, Bard welcomed 325 Hungarian refugee students fleeing a failed revolution in their home country. These students were offered a two-month orientation program that included intensive English language instruction and help adjusting to life in the United States. This image captures the torchlight procession marking the conclusion of this Hungarian Student Orientation, during which participants made their way to the homes of President Case and staff members. Director of the program Willie Frauenfelder and his wife Helene are at the center, reading a message of thanks from the students.

2. Blithewood garden, 1957. Bob Bassler ’57 begins the process of reparations to the damaged Blithewood garden pool that would result in its ability to hold water, as well as to host his senior project fountain sculpture. The repairs and installation were completed just in time for the June marriage of President James Case’s daughter, Susan, in the garden. Photograph courtesy of Bob Bassler ’57.

3. Bob Bassler’s cast stone fountain sculpture, “Seclusion,” aka “The Bard Nymph,” in the Blithewood Garden site for which it was intended as a major component of his Senior Project in the spring of 1957. The sculpture occupied the site for thirty years, and currently serves as a cast bronze memorial in the Meditation Garden south of the Chapel. The original is now in the artist’s possession and peacefully presides over a koi pond at his home in California. Photograph by Bob Bassler ’57.

4. Outdoor art class, 1990. Professor Murray Reich discusses the work of Sarah Taggart ’90. Professor Reich is a faculty emeritus; he taught art at the College between 1967 and 1996.
5. Laboratory scene, ca. 1957. Gregory Tucker ’54 holds a live alligator as an unidentified woman feeds it, perhaps as part of a biology class demonstration. Professor Donald Hartman, who taught biology at Bard from 1950-1957, looks on.

6. Hilton Weiss, 1965. Weiss is a professor emeritus; he taught chemistry at Bard from 1961 until the spring of 2005. Photograph by Joseph Consentino.

7. Kitty Rauscher ’67 and John Tucker ’69 confer in a chemistry lab, fall 1966. Photograph by Joseph Consentino.

8. Peter Sourian, ca. 1988. Professor Sourian makes a point during an outdoor class at the All Saint’s Maple at Blithewood. The 300+-year-old maple still stands, despite being struck by lightning and set ablaze by vandals in recent years. Professor Sourian retired in May of 2010 after forty-five years of teaching English at Bard. Photograph by Will Faller.

9. Librarian Jane Hryshko assists a student in the use of a periodicals finding aid in the Hoffman Reading Room, ca. 1983. Ms. Hryshko has worked in the library since 1977.

10. Adolfas Mekas with students, ca. 1975. Professor Mekas is now professor emeritus; he taught film at Bard between 1971 and 2004. Photograph by Fred Greenspan ’75.

11. Professor Benjamin La Farge reads with his class in Aspinwall, ca. 1988. La Farge has been teaching English at Bard since 1968.

12. Professor William Mullen leads a victory dance for a performance on Parents’ Day, 1988. Mullen has taught classics at Bard since 1985. Photograph by Michael Weisbrot.
13. Psychology Professor Frank Oja leads a class discussion in a basement classroom in Tewksbury, 1965. Professor Oja taught at Bard for forty-three years until his retirement in 2000.

14. Professor Luis Garcia-Renart works with students in Bard Hall, ca. 1970s. “Luis,” as he is universally known, has taught and performed music at Bard since 1962 and is still teaching today.

15. Professor Joan Tower instructs a student at the piano, ca. 1985. A Grammy Award-winning composer, she has taught music composition and theory at Bard since 1972.
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