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"Proust Pour Tous" ("Proust for Everyone")

A thoughtful, bilingual presentation of Proust-related news and events, as well as readings from Proust, beautifully translated. Ideal for French readers, those learning French, or those with no French at all!
Website: http://proustpourtous.over-blog.com/

Related Readings

“Marcel Proust: In Pictures and Documents”

Text by Mireille Naturel. Edited by Patricia Mante-Proust. Translated by Josephine Bacon.

A beautifully presented collection of brief descriptive pages about Proust’s life; excerpts from his writing; and magnificent photographs and art works of him and his era. An essential book for all Proust admirers, worth hours of reading and browsing.
Website: http://www.edition-olms.com/index.php?id=marcel_proust2

Proust Interview in l'éléphant

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the publication of "Swann's Way," a new French literary magazine, "L'éléphant," asked Radio Proust Executive Producer Larry Bensky for his thoughts.  Fortunately, Larry was able to ask Proust for his thoughts as well. The "Posthumous Interview" with Marcel Proust appears in the January 2013 edition. (In French only; English to come!)


Proust's Musical References

Compiled by James Connelly, Proust Society of America, Boston

A thorough listing, by composer, of music referred to in “A la recherché du temps perdu.” Included are links to composers’ biographical data, and listings of available performances:


Kolb-Proust Library for Research

A searchable archive of Proust's correspondence, as edited by the late Professor Phillip Kolb of the University of Illinois. Also an authoritative bibliography.
Website: http://www.library.illinois.edu/kolbp/

Proust Ink

Created by Dr. William Carter, of the University of Alabama, Birmingham, author of one of the two definitive biographies of Proust (Marcel Proust: A Life, Yale University Press, 2002). Good basic list of Proust’s works and dates.
Website: http://proust-ink.com/

Selections From Proust

Selected writings by Proust, organized into twenty different topics. Edited by L. J. Hammond.
Website: http://www.ljhammond.com/proust.htm

Sommaire Marcel Proust

(In French.) Most authoritative of Proust websites, run by distinguished scholars. Announces Proust events, and is responsible for the maintenance of the Proust museum in Combray. Publishes an annual journal, "Bulletin Marcel Proust," now with 59 issues.
Website: http://pagesperso-orange.fr/marcelproust/sommaire_marcel_proust.htm

The Corklined Room

A blog devoted to “the reading, discussion, and study” of In Search of Lost Time. Helpful in joining reading groups. Many intelligent postings.
Website: http://thecorklinedroom.wordpress.com/

Veronique Aubouy

(In French.) Amazing project by conceptual artist Véronique Aubuy, in which diverse people – hundreds of them – each reads a page from A la Recherche du Temps Perdu in unusual settings. May be finished in ten or twenty years!
Website: http://www.veronique.aubouy.fr/