The Student Lens : Bard through the Eyes of Three Student Photographers (Part 2)
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1. Albert Matlin ’77 at his graduation, 1977. Matlin went on to earn his PhD in chemistry at Yale, and received the John and Samuel Bard Award in Medicine and Science in 2006. Photograph by John Duke Kisch ’76.

2. A music class, ca. mid 1970s. Taking part are Carol Merle-Fishman ’76, Leslie Vogel ’75, Roswell Rudd (visiting lecturer in music from 1972 through 1977), Luis Marciscano ’75, Neftali Martinez ’77, and, at the piano, Ed Winter '79 and Neal Grover '79. Photograph by Fred Greenspan ’75.

3. Denise Durling ’77 and Chris Hillegass ’77 relaxing at Stone Row, ca. mid 1970s. Photograph by Fred Greenspan ’75.

4. A typical day on Stone Row, ca. 1975. Photograph by Fred Greenspan ’75.

5. Theater performance, ca. mid-1970s. A performance of Tooth of Crime by Sam Shepard, featuring Lisa Aronson ’75 and fellow students Tamara Pakes ’75 and Stewart Arnold. Photograph by Fred Greenspan ’75.
6. Professor Burt Brody and Mark Zagaeski ’78, ca. 1978. Physics professor Burt Brody and Mark Zagaeski ’78 in the physics department machine shop in the basement of Hegeman working on Zagaeski’s senior project involving superfluid helium. Brody, still teaching today, began teaching at Bard in 1970. Photograph by Fred Greenspan ’75.

7. Paula Ilyinsky ’78, Jack Sherrill ’77, and Anita “Cookie” Litell, ca late 1970s. The students are walking “Down the Road” to Adolph’s, a bar formerly located at the Annandale Triangle. Although this phrase is used often at Bard, this is the only photograph known to the Archives of Bardians actually doing just that. Photograph by John Duke Kisch ’76.

8. Michael Simmons ’77, Susan Lastovica ’77, and Ritchie the bartender at the Magdal Inn, 1975. Photograph by Fred Greenspan ’75.

9. Drumming circle above Kline, 1975. Students include Neftali Martinez ’77, John Gonzalez ’78, Louie Flaherty ’75, and Steve Pouchie ’76. Photograph by Fred Greenspan ’75.
10. Street Gig, 1977. Chuck “Tex” Goldberg ’78, Michael Gold ’79, Drori Mondlak, Bill Averbach ’77, Frank Carter ’79, and Michael Simmons ’77 playing a “street gig” in Tannersville, New York. Photograph by John Duke Kisch ’76.

11. Leon Botstein and Bob Reselman ’77, 1977. Photograph by John Duke Kisch ’76.
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