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Feb 10 / BARD CEP

White-throated Sparrow Summer Field Position- Syracuse, NY


Organization: Indiana State University

Job Title: White-throated Sparrow Summer Field Position

Location: Adironack Mountains Region, NY

Hours and Compensation: Paid; Salary includes room, board, and a stipend.

Position Dates: May to August, 2012

Benefits: Room and Board

Application Deadline: February 29, 2012; Rolling after then.

Posted on: February 9, 2012


Organization Overview

Dr. Tuttle is interested in the evolution of behavior, populations, and species. Specifically, she examines how ecology, behavior, genetics, and physiology maintain natural variation through their influence on the evolution of life-history strategies, phenotypic expression, and both the relative fitness and frequency of genotypes within a population.

Dr. Tuttle’s work on white-throated sparrows and fairy-wrens examines how individuals maximize fitness through the differential allocation of time, energy, and resources. Both research projects examine 1) how individuals balance various life Two different color morphs of white-throated sparrows. history trade-offs, and 2) how life-history trade-offs generate variance that affects the evolution of sexually-selected characters.


Field Assistants needed late April – early August for an ongoing study of the mating system of the white-throated sparrow. Research will be conducted at the Cranberry Lake Biological Station in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.


Field assistants will aid in mist-netting, banding, sampling blood for hormonal assays and parentage, behavioral observations, GPS/GIS, and song analyses.


Previous experience desirable but not necessary; the only prerequisites are patience and persistence.

How to Apply

Send curriculum vitae or resume and names, phone numbers and email addresses of at least 3 references to:

Dr. Elaina M. Tuttle,
Department of Life Sciences, Science 209,
Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN; 47809
tel: (812)237-2838



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