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This is a career building portal for current CEP students and alumni. Its purpose is to be a clearing house for the exciting internships, jobs, networking and educational opportunities that come through the CEP inbox. Upcoming events, conferences, and housing opportunities will be posted here as well.

The Bard Center for Environmental Policy is a graduate school of Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. Bard CEP was founded in 1999 on the premise that scientists, economists, lawyers, activists, and policy makers must understand one another’s perspectives and values in order to solve critical environmental issues. At Bard CEP, we believe that policy solutions to both global issues, such as climate change, and local issues, such as PCB dredging in the Hudson River, need to be approached from an integrated perspective, not solely through the lens of one profession or another, and that this should be done with an eye to the best available scientific knowledge.

The Center graduated its first cohort of environmental policy masters in 2003. Initially offering a two-year M.S. and a one-year Professional Certificate in environmental policy, the program now also offers students the opportunity to enroll in a two-year M.S. or one-year Professional Certificate program in climate science & policy. Students may also elect to participate in the Master’s International program with the Peace Corps or earn dual degrees through Pace Law School (M.S./J.D.) or Bard’s Master of Arts in Teaching Program (M.S./M.A.T.). Bard College undergraduates, as well as sophomores nationwide can to enroll in Bard CEP’s 3+2 program.

Under the direction of Dr. Eban Goodstein, the Bard Center for Environmental Policy sponsors two public programs. Campus2Congress (C2C) and the National Climate Seminar. Through these technology-based programs, students at Bard CEP and across the country can engage in high-level discussions with political leaders in Washington about climate and energy policy. This past spring, students at 100 colleges and universities talked directly with dozens of Senate climate staff in DC through C2C dialogues.

For more on Bard CEP and it’s programs, visit our website.

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