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Jul 19 / BARD CEP

Executive Director, Tree Davis – California

Organization: Tree Davis

Position Title: Executive Director

Location: Davis, California

Dates and compensation: $40,000 – 50,000, This position is current projected to pay $30/hr. for approximately thirty hours per week ($45,000 annually). The current fiscal outlook is positive and the right candidate will have an opportunity to grow the position to full-time if desired.

Application Deadline: July 28, 2015

Responsibilities: The Executive Director (ED), under direction from the Tree Davis Board Executive Committee, has overall responsibility to manage the programs and operations of Tree Davis. The Executive Director acts as the liaison with the Board and its Executive Committee as well as Standing Committees to ensure that common goals are identified and met.

Financial Management
Perform the efficient and effective financial management of Tree Davis.

# Ensure that accounting, billing, and payments are conducted in a timely and accurate manner. Invoice expenses for reimbursable grants and contracts.
# Identify possible grants and funding sources and present to the Board for consideration. Solicit in-kind and financial donations. Send thank you letters and prepare and send grant reports on project completion as needed.
# Monitor cash flow and keep excellent financial records. Report to the Board at bi-monthly meetings.
# Write grant proposals as necessary to reach established goals.
# Manage Tree Davis regarding insurance policies, permits, licenses, and filing of local, state and federal reports as required. Assure that complete and accurate records are kept of such. Renew and file federal and state tax returns as well as annual registry with attorney general with the assistance of accountant. File extensions as needed.
# Provide office administration; organize office and all records as needed. Respond to phone and email inquiries from the public.

Program Implementation
Develop, coordinate, implement and evaluate all Tree Davis programs including:

# Tree planting —Coordinate with granting agencies and abide by all grant requirements in the implementation of volunteer planting events. Provide volunteers, tools, and planting facilitation in partnership with City Urban Forest Managers, University Grounds Managers, other non-profit organizations, and School Districts to site trees in front yards, sidewalk planting strips, parks, greenbelts, and school campuses. Order, organize, clean, inventory, and purchase tools and event supplies as needed. Effectively manage volunteer resources. Identify and maintain relationships with volunteer groups and organize volunteer registration for events. Track events and work accomplished. Keep excellent records of species and planting locations as well as volunteer participants. Keep adequate records of all program participants. Analyze and document program implementation expense for use in budget forecasting. Recommend program changes based on evaluation and experience to most efficiently utilize resources.
# Tree Maintenance — Partner with the City of Davis to involve citizens in the maintenance of Trees for strong, healthy structure and form. Organize educational training events as recommended by the Board. Organize and train volunteers on irrigation needs and scheduling.
# Educational Outreach – Coordinate Board and staff attendance at outreach events as needed such as the Davis Farmer’s Market, Davis Green Home and Garden show, Celebrate Davis, the Whole Earth Festival, Picnic Day, and Davis Food Co-op. Promote the benefits of trees, recommended species lists (brochure) and provide membership information to the public.
# Tree Dedications and Honorary Groves— Partner with the City of Davis to provide a range of tree dedication options. The Tree Dedication brochure details the current tree dedication options. For trees planted in an Honorary Grove, secure donation, work with the City Urban Forest Manager to identify a planting site and tree species, procure tree, coordinate a tree planting ceremony if the donor/dedicator desires one, order plaque and ensure proof is accurate, organize plaque mounting to central sculpture. Tree Tributes are trees planted as part of our regular tree planting season and should be coordinated as such, inviting donor/dedicator to participate in planting event.
# TreeWalk — This brochure is a self-guided tour of downtown Davis that highlights and showcases the largest and most historically significant Trees. Ensure brochure dispenser at corner of D and Second Streets is stocked with the brochure and donation envelopes are tucked into each brochure.
# Develop new programs as directed by the board.

Board Relations
Work with the Board to help facilitate optimal Board membership and functioning.

# Maintain open communication with the Board President, Board Officers, Committee Chairs and other Board members.
# Report to the Board at bi-monthly meetings regarding the achievements, needs, and challenges Tree Davis faces. Develop meeting agendas in coordination with the Board president for meetings and distribute to the Board prior to meetings. Ensure secretary is documenting minutes at each meeting. Maintain electronic and physical records of Board meeting agendas and minutes along with any documents or attachments provided to the board. Circulate copy of minutes of prior meeting to the board for their review and approval at the following meeting.
# Attend appropriate Standing Committee meetings and monitor Board actions.

Fund Development
Actively support the Board in its efforts to establish and maintain Tree Davis’ long-term financial viability and security.

# In conjunction with the Board, develop and implement fundraising techniques seeking financial commitments and contributions from individuals, businesses and corporations.
# Work closely with Board members to identify and cultivate donors.
# Maintain donor database and records, and donor recognition.
# Send membership appeal bi-annually.

Organizational Development
Maintain a comprehensive historical, strategic, and prospective view of Tree Davis’ development and assist Board members in planning for Tree Davis’ successful future.

# Provide leadership and vision in planning for Tree Davis’ short and long-term future.
# Participate in an annual strategic planning process with Board.
# Prepare an annual report on the general operation, program and financial affairs of Tree Davis to be submitted to the Board at the annual meeting in April.
# Prepare additional financial reports as requested by the Board.
Community Relations
Maintain positive, regional visibility for Tree Davis.

# Serve as liaison with the community, other organizations, and the general public. Promote effective partnerships and cooperation with private, public, and non-profit entities to achieve programmatic goals.
# Serve as a spokesperson for Tree Davis as needed during public forums/events.
# Ensure the Tree Davis website provides updated information including but not limited to volunteer opportunities, tree care instructions and informational resource, current board members, and Annual reports.
# Using Constant Contact, email monthly newsletter to members and volunteers.
Staff Supervision
Solicit planting interns, marketing interns, and other staff as needed.

# Review and modify intern and staff position descriptions and work responsibilities as needed.

Organize plan of work.
# Provide adequate work space and tools for staff efficiency
# Conduct interviews in compliance with human resource laws and best practices while upholding Tree Davis anti-discrimination policies. Hire personnel with the approval of the hiring subcommittee.
# Supervise staff payroll distribution by payroll consultant (currently Compupay).
# Conduct staff evaluations, and perform exit interviews.
# Provide staff with constructive feedback on an ongoing basis.
# Terminate staff as needed with the approval of the Board president.
# Ensure Tree Davis is in compliance with all current federal, state, grantor, and insurance human resource requirements and record keeping.

# Perform all lawfully delegated duties and powers in accord with non-profit law and Board policies.
# Propose policy changes that would benefit Tree Davis.
# Interact with the general public, Board members and volunteers in a courteous, professional manner. Dress and communicate professionally.


* Bachelor’s degree or equivalent skills and experience
* 3 or more years of relevant professional work experience
* Passion about environmental work
* Organized and detail-oriented
* Self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit
* Strong written and verbal communications skills
* Basic office skills (MS Office, record-keeping, etc.)
* Able to lift 50 pounds

Additional desirable attributes

* Experience in a non-profit setting (preferably in urban forestry or a related field)
* Knowledge of urban forestry, horticulture, and/or gardening
* Experience with community outreach, volunteers, and partnerships
* Knowledge of Salesforce CRM, Quickbooks, Constant Contact, and/or Adobe products and/or ability to learn new technologies quickly
* Communications experience including social media, press, and newsletters

How to Apply: To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Keith McAleer at [email protected]. No phone calls please.

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