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Apr 19 / BARD CEP

Foundation for Sustainable Development- Tola, Nicaragua

Organization: Foundation for Sustainable Development

Job Title: Intern/ Volunteer

Location: Tola, Nicaragua

Hours and Compensation: unpaid

Position Dates (if applicable): summer

Application Deadline: May 1 (late deadline)

Posted on: April 9


Organization Overview

 FSD invests in hundreds of grassroots partners who are working on the frontlines 365 days a year to improve the livelihood of vulnerable communities around the world. One of the key ways we support our partners is through FSD’s Intern Abroad Program. This program is designed for students and young professionals seeking to build their knowledge and skill sets in grassroots International Development. Our goal is to provide local partners with the key resources they need and interns with an immersive, high quality learning experience that allows them to contribute meaningfully to new and ongoing projects. Read more about FSD’s model and programs that support community-based development in Tola, Nicaragua, as well as other regions around the world >>


As both the largest country in Central America and the least populated, Nicaragua has the opportunity to enforce environmental protection laws and conserve a relatively large amount of natural resources. However, a variety of forces, such as the conversion of forests to agricultural land and substantial logging, are having a severe environmental impact and are the driving forces of deforestation and rapidly increasing pollution. Click here to learn more about Environmental Conservation and Policy in Tola, Nicaragua>>


  • Work side-by-side with a NGO specializing in your specific area of interest related to environmental conservation and policy.
  • Receive training essential to sustainable development, such as: community asset mapping, collaborative project design, and project evaluation.
  • Gain grantwriting and project management experience through providing strategic, hands-on support to critical projects in partnership with your local NGO.
  • Access the FSD Alumni Network to connect with like-minded individuals who help one another reach their academic and professional goals.


All of FSD’s Latin America programs require Spanish proficiency at a conversational level. FSD will work with you to determine your level of ability and can provide informational on educational resources to pursue before your departure.

How to Apply

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW Applications are available at Late applications will be placed on a wait list and accepted on a case by case basis.

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