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Jul 10 / BARD CEP

Professional Development Forestry Internship – Flagstaff, AZ and St. George, UT

Organization: American Conservation Experience

Job Title: Professional Development Forestry Internship

Location: Flagstaff, AZ and St. George, UT with travel to various project locations. Interns will be given accommodation at one of ACE’s volunteer houses in Flagstaff, Arizona where they will return for their off days when not staying in the field. The actual location of project sites will vary throughout the internship.


o A living allowance of $110 per week is provided by ACE.
o Dorm-style, shared room housing is provided on off days with up to 6 weeks of consecutive camping on project sites as a possibility.
o Food is provided on project days.
o Opportunity to gain a working knowledge of stone masonry, trail construction, pesticide application, and potential chainsaw training.
o Opportunity to pursue training and education opportunities through ACE, USFS, and other land management agencies.
o Opportunities to work with ACE volunteers from diverse backgrounds.
o Opportunity to become a steward of America’s public lands.
o Opportunity to work alongside fellow outdoor enthusiasts that share common interests in preserving and protecting our natural lands.

Position Dates: Positions will start on August 25th, 2012 and end on December 15th, 2012

Application Deadline: August 4th, 2012 (but send in ASAP)

Posted On: July 10th, 2012


American Conservation Experience, a Non-Profit Conservation Corps based in Flagstaff, AZ, recruits a diverse mix of participants to join crews working on a variety of environmental projects around the American Southwest. ACE is seeking Professional Development Forestry Interns dedicated to working three to six months on a combination of trails and restoration projects with the US Forest Service and various other land management agencies. This opportunity is intended for enthusiastic young adults with a background in an environmental field and a dedicated interest in pursuing a career with the US Forest Service or other land management agency. These Forestry Internships provide the opportunity to learn and train among professional mentors and participate in the execution of significant conservation and land management objectives throughout the Southwest. Professional Development Forestry Interns will also gain leadership skills while helping to supervise, train, and generally support ACE volunteers who are rotated through long term projects.


Professional Development Forestry Interns will support ACE, the US Forest Service, and other agency staff on projects. Typical duties include:
o Supporting ACE crews with the eradication of invasive species such as Tamarisk and Russian olive.
o Assisting ACE and agency staff with the construction of a variety of advanced trail structures such as stone staircases, dry stone retaining walls, rock check dams, water-bars, etc. Interns will also assist ACE staff in routine trail maintenance duties such as brushing trails, outsloping tread and clearing drainage structures.
o Completing work tasks as instructed by ACE staff, keeping daily work log and demonstrate proper work procedures and methods while working in the field with or near other volunteer groups.
o Following strict guidelines in making safety a priority, including the responsible use of personal protective gear and insuring that all tools, equipment, vehicles and other co-workers are working safely in all conditions.
o Following instructions from all ACE, USFS, and other agency staff and understanding and respecting all wilderness regulations and policies.
o Working with a professional demeanor as a part of a team. Good public communication skills are a must.


Applicants for ACE’s Professional Development Forestry Internship should be between the ages of 18 and 25, have an established interest in conservation issues and/or a background in Forestry or similar field, and should take evident joy in tackling challenging situations with a positive mindset. Applicants must be willing to undertake arduous physical work in all types of weather and terrain, and to participate as a team member, dedicated to ACE’s mission. Preference will be given to former and graduating ACE volunteers, graduated members of other conservation corps, and those with a history of committed engagement in similar volunteer and outdoors activities.
ACE’s Professional Development Forestry Program is meant as a stepping stone to environmental careers and as a gateway to potential advancement within ACE, not only as an interesting and rewarding way to spend up to 6 months working in beautiful locations. Drug users, including recreational smokers of marijuana, should not consider applying, as ACE reserves the right to require drug testing and generally abhors the presence of drug users in our program.

Desired Knowledge and Skills:
o Familiarity and/or desire to learn how to operate tools to perform trail work including, but not limited to rock bar, single jack, shovel, fire rake, axe, brushing sheers, and other trail maintenance tools.
o Ability and/or desire to experience trail maintenance work, including but not limited to; cribbing walls, turnpikes, drainage dips, swales, installation of water bars, retaining walls, removal of brush and vegetation.
o Desire and ability to work outdoors and hike long distances, at times in inclement weather and terrain. Willingness to perform strenuous physical activity such as frequent bending and lifting and caring heavy weights.
o Willingness to spend up to six consecutive weeks in the backcountry.

Other Requirements:
o Internship is available to US Citizens and Green Card holders only.
o Interns must have personal medical insurance for the duration of their participation with ACE.
o ACE will provide tents to all interns (upon request) but all other camping items such as sturdy boots, sleeping bags, backpacks, and raingear must be provided by successful applicants.

How to Apply

Please email a resume and cover letter to Jeff Bousson at with “Professional Development Forestry Internship” in the subject heading of your email.

Please include your availability in your application

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