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Jan 10 / BARD CEP

Global Green USA Coalition for Resource Recovery (New York, New York)

Global Green USA Coalition for Resource Recovery 

New York, New York


Mission Statement

The Coalition’s vision is to eliminate the concept of waste so that the waste from one activity is food for another, benefitting the economy, people, and the environment. Closing the loop on materials reduces resource loss, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions which cause climate change.

The Coalition for Resource Recovery is dedicated to combating climate change generating business value through transforming waste into assets. CoRR’s activities include:

  • Conducting pilots and bringing successful models to scale
  • Evaluating environmental and financial performance of programs and technologies and disseminating objective, third-party reports of results
  • Apprising the public, city, and businesses of progress toward waste diversion, cost savings, and greenhouse gas reduction goals
  • Promoting effective technologies and programs

Issue Areas – Action Issues

Global Green is a branch of Green Cross International, which was founded by Mikael Gorbachov to address the 3 greatest challenges facing humanity: weapons of mass destruction, clean water availability, and climate change.  Global Green is based in the U.S. with 5 offices scattered across the nation.  CoRR is located in NYC and is an industry-working group that is dedicated to stemming climate change and turning wastes into assets.  We conduct research and run pilot programs, pushing the bounds of what has been done so far.  CoRR is determined on making their pilot programs transferable to around the U.S.

3-Year Goals

  • Divert 580,000 tons of New York City waste per year from landfills—saving businesses $70 million in disposal costs
  • Reduce greenhouse gases by 1.7 million tons per year, the equivalent of taking 300,000 cars off the road
  • Develop effective waste diversion technologies and programs transforming New York City and other major markets worldwide

Student Name and Class Year: Jamie Dipuppo, MS ’12

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