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Feb 15 / BARD CEP

US Department of the Interior, Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance (Oakland, CA)




US Department of the Interior, Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance

Oakland, California


Mission Statement

To provide leadership on a national and regional level for environmental policies and compliance for the nation’s premier resource management and conservation agency.

Issue Areas – Action Issues

Principal program areas of the Regional Office include:

  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)The Office assures compliance with NEPA through review of environmental documents and by providing environmental compliance consultation with bureaus.
  • Federal Project Reviews: The Office manages the Department’s technical and policy reviews of the environmental and natural resource aspects of non-Interior projects and proposals through NEPA, FERC, and other environmental reviews in Region IX, excluding Alaska.
  • Emergency Response: The Office coordinates, provides leadership for, and promotes consistency in the Department’s responses to incidents affecting natural and cultural resources and historic properties, lands and facilities under the Department’s jurisdiction during and following oil discharges, hazardous substance releases, and natural disasters. This includes removals at hazardous materials sites under Superfund in Region IX, excluding Alaska, and representation of the Department on the Regional Response Teams.
  • Hazardous Materials Management: The Office assists headquarters and bureaus in the coordination and oversight of remedial, corrective, and management actions of the Department.
  • Staff Support to Secretary: The Office, through the headquarters office, advises the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary – Policy, Management and Budget, and other top Departmental officials about policies, programs, and individual actions affecting natural resources and environmental quality in Region IX, excluding Alaska.
  • Renewable Energy and Climate Change: The Department of the Interior Office of Environmental Policy & Compliance Region IX (DOI/OEPC-IX) works closely with the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Environmental Protection Agency, Fish and Wildlife Service, the California Department of Fish and Game, plus various other federal and state agencies for the development of renewable energy and to help identify the impacts to Departmental resources as a result of climate change.  The Office participates with the Renewable Energy Action Team (REAT), a joint state and federal collaboration to increase California’s renewable energy portfolio standard.
  • Military Buildup on Guam: The Office works closely with several other federal agencies, through the Federal Regional Council and its Guam Task Force, to understand the unique challenges facing Guam due to the Military Buildup. The Department has a vested stake in this project as there is a wealth of biodiversity surrounding Guam, including a National Park, War in the Pacific, wildlife refuges, endangered species, and several cultural landmarks on the Islands.
  • Hydrokinetic

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