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Feb 15 / BARD CEP

Society for Sustainable Development Design (Zagreb, Croatia)






DOOR (Croatian abbreviation for Society for Sustainable Development Design)

Zagreb, Croatia

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Mission Statement

Research on energy efficiency in building and industry sector, research on renewable energy sources, particularly wind, solar and biomass, production of electricity from renewables, intermittency and grid integration issues, research on energy policy, energy market liberalization and emission trading.

Issue Areas – Action Issues

DOOR (Croatian abbreviation for Society for Sustainable Development Design) is a Croatian non-governmental non-profit organization initiated by a multidisciplinary group of experts – engineers environmentalists economists sociologists and others – all dedicated to sustainable development. DOOR’s mission is to promote sustainability in the society as a whole – especially in the field of energy facilitate dialogue and joint problem solving among its key stakeholders and offer solutions for a smart and responsible development.

DOOR has multiple aims:

1. to promote sustainable development in the ENERGY sector develop models for multicriteria evaluation of energy alternatives
and offer solutions to utilize energy efficiency and clean and renewable energy sources

2. to facilitate effective PARTNERSHIPS among the community academia businesses government representatives non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders to work together on specific development problems

3. to create a NETWORK of professionals dedicated to sustainable development from which task forces dealing with specific problems could be recruited

4. to develop and implement TOOLS for sustainability measuring evaluation and planning.

Student Name and Class Year: Kaleena Miller, MS ’10

If you are interested in getting in touch with this student/alum, please contact Caroline Ramaley,

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