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Feb 20 / BARD CEP

Senior Campaign Representative, Beyond Natural Gas – LNG Exports – Washington, DC; San Francisco, CA; or Austin, TX

Organization: Sierra Club

Position Title: Senior Campaign Representative, Beyond Natural Gas – LNG Exports

Location: Washington, DC preferred, San Francisco, CA or Austin, TX considered

Campaign Overview:

Numerous liquefied natural gas (LNG) export proposals are awaiting authorization and approval from Department of Energy (DOE) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). These facilities would build new or convert existing LNG facilities that will export more than 45% of daily production to foreign markets, which is more than the U.S. currently uses in the entire electric sector. Instead of rushing to see how quickly we can extract natural gas, we should be focusing on how to be sure we are using less while ending the destructive drilling practices the gas industry employs. Given the significant health and environmental impacts we see in fracked communities across the country, it’s time to move beyond natural gas to cleaner, renewable sources of energy. Allowing LNG exports is one of the most pressing environmental and energy policy decisions facing the nation. Yet, the federal government has not seriously analyzed these impacts or determined whether exports is in the best interest of the United States. For more information about the campaign, please visit the Beyond Natural Gas website.

Position Description:

Plans, manages, and coordinates the Beyond Natural Gas (BNG) campaign’s liquefied natural gas exports work. Develops and determines strategies and priorities for a successful campaign to prevent the export of liquefied natural gas. Works in collaboration with the BNG Leadership team and senior staff to set goals and execute activities related to preventing the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG).


  1. Oversees the development, coordination and execution of the LNG component of the BNG campaign by influencing state and federal policy, and participating in ongoing coalition efforts. Works with national and chapter staff and volunteers to develop the program/campaign plan, oversee implementation of the plan, and assist in fundraising efforts.
  2. Coordinates public education and media outreach activities with the Sierra Club’s communications staff, including developing tactics to secure earned media, identifying areas to utilize paid media, serve as Sierra Club spokesperson to national media outlets, and promotes volunteer media exposure.
  3. Coordinates the development and preparation of campaign issues information including the writing, editing and distribution of fact sheets, newsletters, and educational materials which includes writing, editing and reviewing of articles for conservation-related publications.
  4. Works with the BNG Campaign Director to ensure initiative budget is appropriately managed.
  5. Works to develop and insure that volunteers assume meaningful roles in the program.  Coordinates a variety of engagement strategies including online and face to face social networks to support the BNG campaign.
  6. Works closely with the Sierra Club’s Federal Policy team to develop the Initiative’s strategy around public officials including the federal administration and Congress. Cultivates relationships with public officials in partnership with the Federal Policy team.
  7. Works with Campaign Director to develop grant proposals, written reports and helps maintain strong relationships with specific foundations and funders.
  8. Represents the Sierra Club to the general public.
  9. Supports and provides senior level professional expertise to staff and volunteers.
  10. Provides conservation training and motivation to volunteers.
  11. Networks and builds relationships with critical decision makers and key players working on natural gas.  Develops positive working relationships with existing coalitions on campaign issues; works to build and sustain issue coalitions.
  12. Introduces creative ideas and approaches for consideration.
  13. Attends various issue committee and regional conservation meetings.
  14. Handles miscellaneous projects and duties as assigned.


  • 3-5 years’ experience working on a national/state level campaign, preferably in a leadership position, with experience in strategy development, field/community organizing, Congressional and administrative lobbying, media relations, fundraising, volunteer management, budget planning and management, and building relationships with senior level politicians, community and business leaders.
  • Substantial experience, demonstrated skill and ability, in project or campaign management.
  • Excellent demonstrated written and oral communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated experience successfully working with diverse stakeholders.
  • Substantial experience, demonstrated skill and ability, in field/community organizing.
  • Excellent demonstrated written and oral communication skills.
  •  Demonstrated public speaking and media presentation ability.
  • Substantial experience, demonstrated skill and ability, in national media relations. This includes effective television and radio presence and knowledge of media technologies, including video, radio and print production processes.
  • Substantial experience and demonstrated ability and effectiveness working with volunteers.
  • Solid understanding of federal policy and how to work with public officials.
  • Valid driver’s license, satisfactory driving record, and proof of auto insurance required.

How to Apply: Please apply online on the Sierra Club hiring portal.

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