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Mar 15 / BARD CEP

Maryland Dept of the Environment (Baltimore,Maryland)





Maryland Dept of the Environment

Baltimore, Maryland


Mission Statement

MDE’s mission is to protect and restore the quality of Maryland’s air, water, and land resources, while fostering smart growth, a thriving and sustainable economy and healthy communities.

Issue Areas – Action Issues

MDE has the following seven broad goals to measure its progress in achieving its mission and vision:

  1. Promoting Land Redevelopment and Community Revitalization
  2. Ensuring Safe and Adequate Drinking Water
  3. Reducing Maryland Citizens’ Exposure to Hazards
  4. Ensuring the Safety of Fish and Shellfish Harvested in Maryland.
  5. Improving and Protecting Maryland’s Water Quality
  6. Ensuring the Air is Safe to Breathe
  7. Providing Excellent Customer Services to Achieve Environmental Protection.

Student Name and Class Year: Lauren Franke, MS ’05

If you are interested in getting in touch with this student/alum, please contact Caroline Ramaley,

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