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Jul 11 / BARD CEP

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Project Assistant – Truckee, CA

Organization: Sierra Business Council

Position Title: Greenhouse Gas Inventory Project Assistant

Location: Truckee, CA

Hours & Compensation: 20 hours/wk; $15/hour for up to 450 Hours

Application Deadline: Position open until filled

Organization Overview:

About Sierra Business Council: Sierra Business Council (SBC) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to foster thriving communities through “on-the-ground” projects that promote, develop and amplify the region’s social, environmental and economic capital. For more information, visit


We are seeking motivated, technically-oriented individuals to fill the Project Assistant positions for Sierra Business Council’s (SBC) Climate Action Planning Program (CAP Program, the Program). Growing awareness of the impacts of climate change on California communities coupled with state legislative mandates has created a need for climate action planning. The goal of the Program is to help local governments in the Sierra Nevada reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Reductions can be achieved through such planning efforts that are informed by GHG emissions data and that have a focus on economic benefits and cost-effectiveness. The Program is designed to train local government staff to understand and complete GHG emissions inventories and to train members of the local workforce in these green job skills.

The CAP Program is part of a portfolio of programs administered by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) using rate payer funds under the auspices of the California Public Utilities commission. This is the third round of funding for SBC’s climate action planning work. In the first two rounds, SBC assisted 20 local governments in the Sierra Nevada in preparing GHG emissions inventories for municipal operations and community-wide activities. In this third round, SBC will build upon our previous successes by working with additional local governments to simultaneously prepare both municipal operations and community-wide GHG emissions inventories for their jurisdictions.

The inventories will be initiated and managed by SBC beginning July 2013. Inventories will cover emissions from multiple sectors in accordance with the Local Government Operations Protocol and the US Community Protocol, both developed by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. , Project Assistants will be paired with local governments to provide the additional staffing needed to conduct data collection, analysis, and inventory development. Upon completion of the Program, each local government will have a complete GHG emissions inventory that analyzes both municipal operations and community-wide emissions for their jurisdiction.

There are three (3) paid positions available for graduate-level students and community members interested in this one-of-a-kind professional opportunity. For the 6-9 month Program, Project Assistants will attend three training sessions led by ICLEI staff where they will learn how to work with GHG inventory tools, how to analyze data from various sources related to GHG emissions within a community, and learn proper documentation procedures for reporting municipal operations and community-wide emissions in California. The position will provide employees with an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience producing GHG emissions inventories.


Each Project Assistant will be assigned one or more municipal operations and community-wide emissions sectors for data collection. Project Assistants will be responsible for sourcing all of the necessary data related to their sector. Additionally, Project Assistants will be assigned to specific participating local governments for whom they will build a complete inventory report and be the main point of contact for necessary communication relating to the development and presentation of the inventory. Project Assistants will work alongside personnel from the jurisdiction who will also be attending the ICLEI training courses. The final deliverable will be a “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory,” detailing the jurisdiction’s GHG emissions through graphs, tables, and narratives.

Project Assistants will be expected to attend all workshop sessions, weekly team meetings, develop relationships with local government staff, and source all data necessary from local, state and national databases to build and complete an inventory report, according to the Protocols. Project Assistants will be paid to provide up to 450 hours total (about 15-20 hours per week) to complete these tasks.

  • Attend all ICLEI training sessions
  • Attend weekly team meetings
  • Collect required data from assigned sector for all participating jurisdictions •Analyze and convert relevant data into proper units for entry into the data workbook
  • Work with inventory software to create emissions inventory for assigned jurisdictions
  • Meet all deadlines laid out in the Program schedule


Eligibility Requirements:

  • MS Office; advanced Excel, data entry, and Word experience
  • Quantitative skills
  • Strong attention to detail, organizational skills, takes instruction effectively
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Reliable transportation to and from on-site locations at jurisdictional offices and training location
  • Valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance
  • Commitment to work 15-20 hours per week to work on inventory and attend meetings
  • Aptitude for working within deadlines and budget constraints
  • Demonstrable experience working both independently, and in a team setting
  • Ownership of (or regular access to) a computer with MS Office Suite 2007 or later

Desired Qualifications / Skills:

  • BA/BS, MS or other certificate in Environmental Studies, Policy, Land Use Planning, Engineering or related degree
  • Experience with climate change policies, greenhouse gas inventories, and/or inventory protocols
  • Experience relating to one or more of the five GHG sectors: built environment (energy use), land use (agriculture and forestry), transportation, water and wastewater treatment, and solid waste
  • Experience working with local governmental agencies and/or non-profit organizations
  • Ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment
  • Dedication to a mission driven organization that promotes sustainability in economic, social, and environmental sectors

How to Apply: 

To apply for this position, please send your resume and a cover letter describing your experience and qualifications via email to Position open until filled.

Potential candidates will be asked to complete an excel proficiency exam and sign an Employee Agreement form to be considered for the position. The Employee Agreement form is available upon request.

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