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Oct 28 / BARD CEP

Executive Director- Sacramento, CA

Organization: California Urban Water Conservation Council

Position Title: Executive Director

Location: 716 10th Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA, 95814, US

Hours and Compensation: full time, $100,000-$125,000

Application Deadline: Priority review will begin November 8, 2013, and continue until the position is filled


Organization Overview

The California Urban Water Conservation Council (Council), located in Sacramento, CA, is seeking applicants for the position of Executive Director. The Council was created to increase efficient water use statewide through partnerships among urban water agencies, public interest organizations, and private entities and has as its goal to integrate urban water conservation Best Management Practices into the planning and management of California’s water resources.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is the chief executive officer of the Council and is responsible for program implementation, fiscal oversight, and personnel management. These responsibilities include partnering with the Board and Council members to effectively develop and implement the Council’s strategic water conservation initiatives, programs, and projects, and working with regional, state, and federal agencies to ensure success. The Executive Director oversees a full-time staff of six and two part-time employees providing leadership direction and organizational responsiveness to the Council’s various constituencies.


  • Defining the Council’s role given Senate Bill X7-7, the state’s plan to reduce per capita water use 20 percent by 2020 (“20X2020”).
  • Helping the diverse board and membership reach a shared vision.
  • Providing value to ALL members.
  • Ensuring member satisfaction and increasing customer service.
  • Expanding funding sources.
  • Promoting the image of the Council.
  • Increasing participation by members in all Groups and, in particular, growing membership in Group 2 (Public Advocacy Organizations).
  • Ensuring staff performance and morale.
  • Managing the Council’s volume of activity to ensure timely, accurate completion of work.


Successful candidates will have the following combination of knowledge, skills, and work style that will allow them to be an effective leader who can partner with the Council in pursing a long-term vision for the organization.


  • Deep understanding of nonprofit management including functions, financing, and staff/board roles and responsibilities.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Council and its dynamics with the board and member committee structure and contributions.
  • Understanding of the complex issues and concerns associated with water that are faced by both public advocacy organizations and water sector members.
  • Understanding of water issues, policies and challenges in California, as well as water conservation and water-use efficiency.
  • Cognizant of the Council’s evolving role given the implementation of state-law with SB X7-7 (“20X2020”).
  • Familiarity with the role state and federal agencies play in the Council’s work.


  • Leadership:
  • Able to help the board articulate a long-term vision for the organization
  • Able to collaborate with the Board on the development of the Strategic Plan and then effectively implement the Plan, staying consistent with the board’s vision
  • Able to understand a variety of viewpoints and perspectives, identify commonalities, propose options and then guide the board through an effective discussion and decision-making process, even on difficult issues.
  • Excellent and effective communication skills who is able to effectively represent the Council’s position before governmental agencies, the legislature and DWR


  • Member Service:
  • Able to provide high-quality customer service for all members.
  • Able to develop and sustain memberships in all membership categories.
  • Effectively promote the Council’s relevancy and value to the membership.
  • Actively build positive member-to-member relationships and support collaboration both internally and externally.
  • Properly recognize the efforts of members and celebrate accomplishments.


  • Outreach and Partnerships:
  • Actively build and sustain positive relationships and support collaboration with partners.
  • Able to develop partnerships with key institutions, organizations, and foundations that can effectively promote conservation.
  • Foster collaborative relationships with a wide variety of organizations, utilities and agencies including the Alliance for Water Efficiency, DWR, CALWEC, CUWA, CWA, CPUC, ACWA, USBR, SWRCB/RWQCB’s, State Water Resources Control Board (and the Regional Water Quality Control Boards), and water related NGO’s.
  • Able to deliver expert, unbiased testimony before the state legislature, regulatory bodies or organizations on behalf of the Council, when requested.


  • Funding:
  • Able to Identify potential funders including state, federal and other funding resources.
  • Able to develop project ideas and initiatives that are attractive to funders and secure funding.
  • Develop and sustain positive working relationships with funders.
  • Manage the various funding resources through CUWCC publications and volunteer membership contributions for the benefit of the CUWCC and all its members.


  • Technical:
  • Able to understand and effectively communicate technical water use and water use efficiency issues to a wide range of audiences, both technical and non-technical.
  • Able to collaborate and effectively manage projects with technical staff, consultants and other subject matter experts.
  • Understand the benefits and role of statewide research and provide or delegate technical review effectively.
  • Basic understanding of technical aspects of water use efficiency and the associated programs and implementation.


  • Organization Management:
  • Effectively oversee budget and financial management ensuring timely and thorough reporting.
  •  Strong project management capability including prioritizing and managing the overlapping deadlines and activities of the Council’s board and programming committees in order to meet deadlines.
  • Supervisory skills to hire, train, and motivate employees along with setting realistic expectations and holding employees accountable while also supporting employee development.
  • Able to develop and maintain a cohesive and effective project team, and to foster a positive work environment.
  •  Program planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • Able to manage administrative functions of the organization including financial bookkeeping, IT, HR and risk management.

Work Style

  • Passion for the Council’s mission and the role it can play in improving water resource management and water-use efficiency.
  • Visionary leader who can serve as an advisor to the board bringing ideas, alternatives and options without being wed to a particular direction.
  • Consensus builder, neutral and credible facilitator who can pull stakeholders together in a unified vision for the organization.
  • Welcomes and values diversity of voices, opinions, perspectives, and backgrounds and fosters an environment for discussion where all viewpoints are appreciated.
  • Professionally mature and confident in his/her knowledge and skills.
  • High integrity, personal accountability, and able to earn respect from all stakeholders.
  • Transparent and honest communicator.
  • Politically savvy; understanding of the internal and external dynamics within which the Council operates.
  • Energetic, positive, upbeat with a good sense of humor.
  • Organized
  • Collaborative
  • Patient
  • Calm under pressure

Required Experience and Education:

A minimum of 10 years in a water-related field, natural resources field or environmental field, with at least five years involved with managing the same or similar function required. Bachelor’s degree is required, Master’s degree preferred, or equivalent combination of professional experience and education. Must be able to drive, with a valid driver’s license and be able to travel occasionally to meetings throughout California.

How to Apply

Priority review of applications will begin Friday, November 8, 2013 and will continue until the position is filled. To ensure full consideration, please submit a letter of interest, resume and three work-related references directly to:

Andrea Weiss, MS, NCC, MCC

Recruitment Consultant


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