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Oct 28 / BARD CEP

Nonprofit Consultant- NYC

Organization: TCC Group

Position Title: Nonprofit Consultant

Location: 31 W. 27th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY, 10001, US

Hours and Compensation: Full time, commensurate with experience

Application Deadline: November 24, 2013


Organization Overview

TCC Group is a 33-year old firm that provides management consulting services to nonprofit organizations, foundations, corporate community involvement programs, and government agencies.  Our current headquarters is in New York City, and we have offices in San Francisco and Philadelphia.

TCC provides strategy, program and grants management, capacity building, and evaluation services.  Our unique strength lies in the ability to leverage knowledge from our complementary practices, which build on and inform one another.  This holistic view influences every project, as we help clients devise strategies, implement plans and programs (especially those related to capacity building), evaluate progress and outcomes, and make ongoing improvements.  Our core practices are:

  • Strategy: TCC brings strategy to all of our projects.  We help our clients consider the big picture and its implications on their “universe”, whether it be a nonprofit field, geographic community or combination thereof.  We understand that the bottom line for a nonprofit or funder is maximizing social impact through successfully achieving its mission.  In a rapidly changing and increasingly challenging world, nonprofits and funders cannot afford anything less than a clear strategy that finds the right fit between desired results, programmatic competencies, and market exigencies such as demand for services, competition, and the funding climate.
  • Capacity Building:  Our consultants not only provide capacity-building consulting services (strategic planning, board development, program evaluation, leadership coaching, etc.) directly to nonprofits, but also design and implement grant programs, particularly capacity-building initiatives, for funders.  As a result, we understand the capacity challenges of nonprofits as well as the unique challenges of funders who support nonprofit capacity building. With our proprietary unique diagnostic, the “Core Capacity Assessment Tool” (CCAT), we can identify exactly who and what in the organization needs to change and what the best way is to do so, especially by providing more help in implementing the change, rather than just planning for it.
  • Evaluation:  TCC’s evaluation consultants have the analytics of our strategy team, the “applied science” approach of our implementation team, as well as the rigorous evaluation skills of academically trained researchers.  Depending on the rigor required by clients, TCC has conducted comprehensive qualitative research as well as deep quantitative research, analysis and predictive modeling.  Regardless, TCC’s evaluation approach focuses on learning and using research to make informed decisions, to make design improvements, and to innovate, all with the goal to maximize success.

TCC Group has a staff of 35 professionals and a wide network of affiliates.  All of our consultants have at least a Master’s degree as well as practical experience working in nonprofit organizations and philanthropies.


To ensure high-impact work across all of our projects in a cost-effective manner, TCC provides services through teams of consultants that are assembled to reflect the client’s consulting needs and staff’s areas of expertise.  We are critical thinkers, effective communicators, skilled facilitators, excellent strategists and effective project managers.  We frequently support nonprofit and philanthropic collaboratives and coalitions, as well as individual nonprofits and foundations of various sizes and lifecycle stages.  Our client portfolio represents a range of sub-sectors, including arts and culture, community development, health and human services, education, youth development, policy and advocacy, and public administration.

TCC is currently seeking an exceptional and versatile full-time Consultant to provide Nonprofit strategy and capacity-building services in our New York City office.


Contributing to client engagements, under the supervision of a Director or Senior Consultant, including:

  • Providing day-to-day project management
  • Developing and monitoring project work plans and budgets
  • Reviewing and summarizing client background materials
  • Developing data collection tools (e.g. surveys; interview and focus group guides)
  • Conducting, analyzing, and synthesizing confidential interviews
  • Conducting financial analyses and working with clients to develop financial projections in the context of strategic and business plans
  •  Analyzing and making meaning of a broad range of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Planning and facilitating meetings with boards, staffs and other stakeholders
  • Providing coaching to nonprofit leaders and facilitating peer exchanges
  • Writing and editing client agendas, meeting notes, reports, presentations, etc.
  • Preparing and making presentations to clients
  • Building client relations, including email and telephone communication, and in-person meetings
  • Supervising the project work of analysts, administrative assistants, and affiliates

Supporting business development efforts, including:

  • Researching, identifying prospective clients, and following up on leads
  • Helping teams prepare for and participating in sales meetings with prospective clients
  • Drafting proposals, including proposed budgets and workplans
  • Representing the firm at conferences and meetings
  • General reading on issues and events in the firm’s practice areas



  • Graduate degree in a relevant field required (MPA, MBA, preferred).


  • A minimum of five years of relevant work experience in the nonprofit sector
  • Experience in strategy, program design and/or capacity building (organizational development) for nonprofits
  • Experience working in diverse communities and across social, economic and cultural differences
  • Consulting experience preferred
  • Some supervisory experience

Skills and Attributes

  • Intellectual curiosity, creativity, and a strong desire and capacity for diversity in professional challenges
  • Passion and commitment to helping organizations achieve greater social impact (through goal clarity and results-oriented strategy) Strong analytical mind and able to hold the big ideas while focusing on the details
  • Strong research skills
  • Ability to manage and prioritize work in a fast-paced environment
  • Exceptional organizational skills, strong attention to detail, time management skills, and ability to manage client relationships
  • Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work well both as a member of a team and independently
  • Ability to lead teams and facilitate groups where appropriate
  • Ability to delegate work efficiently
  • Strong capacity to be self-reflective and self-aware and commitment to personal and professional growth
  • Intermediate to advanced skills in using Microsoft Professional Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint), Internet search engines and databases.  Familiarity with SurveyMonkey and SPSS preferred.

How to Apply

Please email resume and cover letter to:

Please clearly indicate “San Francisco Nonprofit Consultant Search” in the subject field of your email

No telephone calls, please.

TCC Group is an equal opportunity employer.

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