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Jan 16 / BARD CEP

Energy Planning and Policy Manager- Rhode Island

Organization: Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (RIOER)

Position Title: Energy Planning and Policy Manager

Location: Rhode Island

Hours and Compensation: TBD

Application Deadline: not listed



The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (RIOER) is participating in a regional effort called the New England Solar Cost-Reduction Partnership, which will target non-hardware “soft” costs of photovoltaic (PV) solar electricity systems and increase coordination throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), a national nonprofit organization that works with state leaders, federal agencies, industry players, and other stakeholders to promote renewables and energy efficiency, will coordinate the initiative, which has been awarded $1.5 million under the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative Rooftop Solar Challenge II program.
The New England Solar Cost-Reduction Partnership will help strengthen the solar market in the five-state region with 13 million residents. The partnership will refine and deploy innovations developed in Connecticut and Massachusetts for DOE’s Rooftop Solar Challenge I and will more widely implement solar best practices from around the region.
Through this award, RIOER will collaborate with agencies from the four other states to tackle a range of barriers to PV deployment, including permitting and interconnection challenges; the need for new financing tools; and planning and zoning rule variations. Some of the states will also work to promote model solar zoning and implement “Solarize” group-purchasing programs.


The Energy Planning and Policy Manager (EPPM) will be responsible for overseeing, managing, and implementing Rhode Island’s scope of work outlined in the New England Solar Cost-Reduction Partnership Statement of Project Objectives. The PM will receive support from the RIOER, Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, CESA, and other state agencies as required.
Primary responsibilities will include:
• Developing and executing a detailed work plan with quarterly and annual milestones to achieve Rhode Island’s deliverables under the New England Solar Cost-Reduction Partnership Statement of Project Objectives. The scope of work under the project will include:
o Developing a Model Permitting Process: Reviewing existing municipal solar permitting processes; developing model materials based upon best practices in other states and stakeholder input; and conducting outreach to promote the adoption of the model permitting process;
o Developing a Model As-Of-Right Solar Zoning Ordinance: Defining the need with stakeholder assistance; soliciting and selecting a preferred vendor to develop the ordinance; and conducting outreach to promote the adoption of the ordinance;
o Conducting Stakeholder Engagement and Issue Identification: Convene and facilitate regular working group meetings of municipal officials and solar industry representatives; develop and prioritize strategies to address other barriers to local solar deployment; and perform outreach and implementation tasks necessary to facilitate the participation of distributed rooftop solar installers in the PACE program;
o Any other tasks necessary to fulfill Rhode Island’s obligation under the grant and help reduce barriers to local solar deployment in the state and within its municipalities.
***Due to the limited nature of RIOER staff resources, staff roles in the agency are typically flexible and horizontally distributed. Staff members are often asked to work in multiple programmatic and policy areas. As such, although primary responsibilities of this position involve the day-to-day management of the RSCII scope of work, the successful candidate may be called upon to work on a range of other projects and initiatives. These areas may include: Rhode Island Public Energy Partnership (RIPEP) and other municipal energy programs, renewable thermal fuel program development, deliverable fuel energy efficiency working group management, home energy affordability loan pilot management, property assessed clean energy (PACE) program launch, etc.***


Qualified candidates will have demonstrated experience in project management and stakeholder engagement. Subject matter background in energy and solar issues is highly preferred.
• 1-2 years of  experience in managing complex projects or programs with a proven track record of success, particularly in the energy field;
• Demonstrated ability to develop and implement complex work plans;
• Comfort using basic project management software (Wrike);
• Strong group facilitation skills and proficiency in running public meetings and managing stakeholder engagement;
• Understanding of municipal governance structures and institutions, permitting processes, and other basic functions;
• Conversant in general solar energy issues and comfortable with reading, interpreting, communicating, and discussing technical, policy, and statutory material related to energy;
• Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, personal drive, and superb critical thinking skills;
• Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills;
• Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
• Bachelor’s degree at a college, university, or other accredited institution of higher learning;
• Policy background and/or past experience related to Rhode Island energy policy and programs;
• Subject matter expertise in the solar industry;
• Detailed familiarity with key institutions, policies, and drivers in the Rhode Island/New England energy markets.

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