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Apr 13 / BARD CEP

Case management director (Community Umbrella Agency)-Philadelphia, PA

Organization: Public Health Management Corporation

Position Title:  Case Management Director 

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Hours and Compensation: Full time.

Application Deadline: Not listed.


Job Description:

This is managerial level social service work directing, through subordinate supervisors, case management work within the Turning Points for Children, an affiliate of the Public Health Management Corporation, Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) in the 15th Police District. The CUA Case Management Director directs the operations of the CUA case management function and is directly responsible for successfully implementing all initiatives and ensuring outcomes are achieved. Work may include planning, reviewing, evaluating and coordinating short- and medium-term operations to meet program or social service goals and objectives; reviewing and assigning work to the appropriate work units; overseeing/advising in the most complex situations; implementing all policies and procedures and creating/recommending policies having CUA-wide impact; making resource decisions designed to maximize efficiency and meet objectives in a mandated minimum of time; proactively reviewing workloads to maximize appropriate completion of objectives consistent with CUA standards; ensuring that operations managed are fully prepared for federal and state review and audit that enables funding and certification; and assessing overall training needs of staff members. Extensive contact outside the CUA may involve negotiation and problem solving with groups such as the judiciary, representatives of public and private welfare agencies, probation, legal advocates, city agencies and departments including DHS and the School District, representatives of professional and community groups as well as individuals, their families, and the general public. Management of staff members and workforce planning is a major component of the work.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledge of and skill in

•The principles, practices and techniques of social work in child welfare

•The principles, practices and policies of social service administration

•Managerial methods and techniques including budgeting and efficient resource allocation

•The philosophy and objectives underlying social services to individuals in child welfare

•The legal provisions and regulations applicable to the oversight and delivery of program services in the area of specialization

•The principles, practices, techniques, literature and current developments in the field of human services planning in child welfare

•The functions and resources of public and private social welfare and related agencies providing services to individuals in child welfare

•The principles, practices and procedures for human service program planning and evaluation in child welfare

•Behavioral science concepts and principles

•Principles and practices of administrative organization and management, and their application to the resolution of a variety of operational and administrative problems

•Proficiency in English and Spanish preferred.

And specific knowledge of and skill in:

•Case management techniques

•Provider management, oversight and evaluation

•Various community-based programs within Philadelphia

•Community-based program analysis and evaluation techniques

•Contracting techniques and evaluation

•Proposal writing and evaluation techniques

General ability to:

•Plan, organize and manage the activities of a major social service program

•Formulate program goals and coordinate service activities

•Work closely with and coordinate efforts with other service departments and agencies

•Represent the CUA to external agencies and funders

•Apply behavioral science concepts and principles in directing the operations of a major social service program

•Effect sound management practices in the administration of social service program and implement staff performance standards

•Evaluate program quality and effectiveness

•Analyze and resolve complex social work situations, and make sound recommendations consistent with social work principles and departmental policies

•Exercise judgment and discretion in applying and interpreting policies and procedures consistent with overall program policy and objectives

•Interpret and explain program function, goals and objectives

•Establish and maintain effective working relationships with representatives of private and public agencies, the judiciary, civic groups, associates and the general public

•Present ideas effectively, both orally and in writing.

•Manage directly and indirectly case management activities

•Smoothly oversee relationship with DHS and assigned providers

•Critically analyze community-based programs

•Oversee and manage contracts with community-based organizations

•Evaluate community-based programs.

Required Education, Experience, CredentailingEducation:

•Master’s degree with major course work in social work, social work administration, criminal justice, public administration or a related field.


•Minimum of three years of social services experience

Supervisory Experience:

•Minimum of four years experiencing managing/supevisors others, preferable in a large progfram setting with youth. Experience working with children in a welfare agency desired; an equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be in accordance with DHS requirements will be considered.

Physical and Medical Requirements Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of this position.

Background Checks A background check will be completed for all potential hires to verify education, employment history, and vehicular and traffic history (PA Driver Information or other state driver information if applicable. The employee in this position must pass a PA Criminal Background Check, Federal Bureau of Investigation Clearance, and PA Child Abuse Clearance dated no later than 60 days from the start date. No employee is permitted to be alone with a child or youth until all clearances

How to apply:

Please forward your cover letter and resume to:Turning Points for Children415 S. 15th St Street Philadelphia, PA 19146E-mail:

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