These lecture transcriptions were arranged by Alexander Bazelow ’71, who studied with Heinrich Blücher. They were separated from a larger body of transcripts and recordings collected by Ruth and Julius Shultz from lectures Professor Blücher had given at the New School and Bard College. Though Blücher never delivered the lectures exactly in the manner presented below, they seem to present an attempt to recreate the structure of the Common Course, which was a prescribed and required part of the curriculum for first-year students that Blücher had been hired in 1952 to direct, develop, and implement.

The dates next to the lectures listed are actual, so they do not appear in chronological order.

Complete Transcript Inventory
  1. Introduction to the Common Course (1952)
  2. Talk on the Common Course (1952)
  3. Homer (Three Lectures) (1954)
  4. Homer (1967)
  5. Socrates (Two Lectures) (1954)
  6. Heraclitus (1967)
  7. Buddha (1967)
  8. Jesus (Two Lectures) (1954)
  9. Zarathustra (1954)
  10. India and the Mythopoetic Mind of Man (1967)
  11. Academic Freedom (1967)
  12. Politics, Man, and Freedom (1967)
  13. A Dialogue with Students (1968)
  14. A Fragment on Kierkegaard (1952)
  15. Last Lecture

Additional Transcripts

Fundamentals of a Philosophy of Art: On the Understanding of Artistic Experience (1951)

Why and How We Study Philosophy (Summer 1952)

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