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Description of An Average Life - Heinrich Blücher (PDF) - This short autobiographical sketch, which Elisabeth YoungBruehl used in drawing her wonderful portrait of Blücher [Hannah Arendt, For Love of the World, footnote 11 to Chapter 4, pp 507], was recently rediscovered among Hannah Arendt's private papers. [Translated from the German by Kathrin Nussbaumer]

Hannah Arendt and her Socrates: Heinrich Blücher (PDF) by Wolfgang Heuer

How and Why Do We Study Philosophy? The Legacy of Heinrich Blücher (click to view original announcement) - A conference held on May 24, 2003 at Bard College celebrating Heinrich Blücher as a teacher and thinker. The conference featured Alexander Bazelow ’71; Wolfgang Heuer, editor of the Hannah Arendt Newsletter; Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, author of Hannah Arendt, For Love of the World; Jerome Kohn, director of The Hannah Arendt Center, New School University; Jack Blum ’62.

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Heinrich Blücher - A Profile (PDF) by Eugenio Villicana from Bard- St. Stephen's Alumni Magazine, March 1960.

Heinrich Blücher 1899-1970 (PDF) by Irma Brandeis and Jack Blum from Bard- St. Stephen's Alumni Magazine, November 1970. Irma Brandeis, Professor Emerita of English and Jack A. Blum '62 were two of those who spoke at funeral services for Heinrich Blücher in New York on November 4 (1970). Others were Horace Kallen, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy in the Graduate Faculty of the New School, Philip Miller '56, and former Bard faculty members Mary McCarthy and Ted Weiss. Miss Brandeis, Mr. Weiss, and Mr. Blum were also at the November 15 Memorial Service at the College. The funeral was held in NYC was at the Riverside Chapel, Amsterdam Ave. and 76th St. Wed. Nov. 4th, 1970.

Heinrich Blücher Memorial Service Program (November 15, 1970)