Dr. Mara Ranville: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Dr. Mara Ranville: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Professor Ranville passed along an article detailing a bit of her summer vacation:

On an oven-hot afternoon this past Saturday, more than 250 people descended on an outdoor pavilion displaying 85 sculptures on tabletops in the Hudson Valley village of Tivoli, NY. They came first to view the sculptures–each one ingeniously made of food–and then eat them. After the viewing and before the eating, the press of drooling art-lovers clapped for those whom a team of judges wearing tri-cornered hats had lauded as the makers of the most striking and original creations. Because this was the Fourth Annual Edible Sculpture contest and contests must have winners.

The sculptures fell into roughly one of three categories: topical, conceptual and eternal. (Because how can you write about art without categories?) Each of the three co-winners illustrates one of them.

Topical. Mara Ranville and Farley Crawford depicted The Slow Food Movement, a new-old approach to eating that prizes the savoring of unprocessed ingredients, by using fruits and vegetables to create a stately parade of snails.

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