Calling all Sustainability Leaders!

Calling all Sustainability Leaders!

Are you in college, or a recent graduate? Are you passionate about climate change, and wonder how to apply that passion to a meaningful career? Do you want to change the world?

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Our next C2C Fellows Sustainability Workshop will bring together young leaders from across the northeast to develop and practice useful skills for leadership in business, policy, and politics. Over the course of a weekend in October, we will create a lasting network of individuals determined to start meaningful careers around sustainable core values.

Bentley University’s office of Sustainability (in Waltham, MA) will host the C2C Fellows workshop over the weekend of October 25-27, 2013. Why Bentley?


Bentley University is poising itself to be a leader in the green movement among higher education institutions .  The University is committed to becoming carbon neutral by the year 2030, with a rigorous timeline of a 50% reduction in their carbon footprint by the year 2020.  They are achieving these goals by making wise choices in energy use: employing high-efficiency technology and investing in clean technologies through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (REC).  Proving their point, the university took 14% of the surplus from their energy budget from the 2012 fiscal year and put it into additional RECs .

Sustainability and Education:


As a business school, Bentley sees the economic potential for a green business market. However, they don’t simply judge sustainability against the bottom line.

They recognize their unique position to shape tomorrow’s business leaders.  To that end, the Office of Sustainability aims to empower each of the school’s students with the knowledge and ethics necessary to make mindful decisions.  They know that tomorrow’s business world will require environmentally and socially responsible leaders, and that the work of developing those leaders begins today!

Join Us:

Take advantage of this great opportunity.  Come out to Bentley University this October 25-27 and see for yourself just what the future of business looks like.  While there practice public speaking, discover the secrets to fundraising, and learn how to pitch your idea with C2C Fellows director, Eban Goodstein.  Meet a community of Fellows eager to take on the challenges of tomorrow.  Take the next step towards your own future as a green leader!


Where:                       Bentley University, Waltham, Massachusetts

When:                         October 25-27, 2013

Cost:                           $30.00

To apply:          

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