Power Dialog Organizers Call Recap

Power Dialog Organizers Call Recap


On Monday November 16th we had our 2nd conference call for Power Dialog 2016 organizers and participants. With 35 people (an exciting increase) on the call, there was plenty of questions and a robust discussion.

Interested parties from Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington DC, Texas, Michigan, Connecticut, Minnesota, New York, Michigan, Iowa, Maine, Oregon, North Carolina and more dialed in. We are so excited that environmentally conscious people from across the nation are showing up and doing their part for public policy and the planet.

After a brief overview by Eban Goodstein here at Bard, we answered questions such as:

Organizers asked about who they should be contacting as the responsible regulator in their state? We have posted, on the Power Dialog blog, a list lead regulators we believe are responsible in each state for implementing the energy plan. Start there, and if that is not the right person we are fairly sure their office can refer you to the right person in your state.

Should businesses and non-profits be invited? The answer is each state is free to organize how they choose. Some might do this, many won’t. The point is there is no right or wrong way to host and organize a Power Dialog 2016. The success is in it happening (of course the bigger the attendance the more enticing it will be to the press).

There were several questions asked about post Power Dialog 2016 follow up plans. The answer is…we don’t know yet! But now that we know it’s a priority we will work on it!

The bottom line is that a growing community of participants and organizers are taking the steps for an exciting and effective Power Dialog 2016 in their state. They realize part of the power of the Power Dialog 2016 is in the simplicity, which makes the work of organizing very reasonable and the time commitment minimal.  Everyone is excited to share their energy with colleagues around the country and that is exactly the kind of enthusiasm we hoped for.

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