Power Dialog Speaker Options

Power Dialog Speaker Options

Hello Power Dialog State Organizers,


It is a tumultuous time for the Clean Power Plan. The events of the last few weeks have shaken things up ,and we, at the Power Dialog, are adjusting our strategy. Because the future of the Clean Power Plan is somewhat unclear, it is possible that many state representatives will no longer be able to discuss it at Power Dialogs around the nation. Discussion of the Plan and its impacts remains critical however, and there are many individuals you can reach out to who will make excellent guest speakers at your Power Dialog.


Below is a list of several avenues you can use to find relevant and engaging guest speakers for your Dialog.

State League of Conservation Voters find your state:



Sierra Club Chapters, find your state:


Elected State Officials:

State congressmen may be interested in discussing the Clean Power Plan and hearing questions from students and faculty



There is a vast pool of academics at universities and research institutions who study a range of topics related to environmental policy, clean energy, and climate change.


Energy Company Officials:

Those in the energy industry may be able to offer insight into the way energy companies view the Clean Power Plan


Still try to reach out to state regulators! Many will still welcome the opportunity to be part of a Power Dialog.

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