100%! CEP ’16 Working to Change the Future

We are pleased to report that 100% of the CEP class of 2016 is now employed in the sustainability field or pursuing further graduate study. Here is the list:

  • Kasope Aleshinloye at Babab Gonan (Agricultural social enterprise) in Nigeria
  • Sanaz Arjomand at the American Farmland Trust in DC
  • Karen Baumert at the US Army Corps of Engineers in NYC
  • Emmett Boyer at the  International Union for the Conservation of Nature in DC
  • Ashley Brinkman at Flora and Fauna International in  DC
  • Christine Byrd pursuing a PhD Program in Sweden
  • Cecilia Jia at the Environmental Defense Fund in NYC
  • Chris Lavallee at ICF Consulting in DC
  • Timothy Markle with the  US Army (Civilian) Weather Service in Utah
  • Morgan Miller at Pace Law School in New York
  • Anna Panariello at the World Food Programme in Rome, Italy
  • Emma Shultze at ICF Consulting in DC
  • Kale Roberts at Local Governments for Sustainability in Colorado

Of the group, four are still working for the organizations at which they interned.

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