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Feb 15 / BARD CEP

Nike Inc. (Bangalore, India)









Nike, Inc.

Bangalore, India


Mission Statement

Athletes push themselves toward higher and higher levels of performance. They want to achieve that breakthrough moment, their personal best.

That’s how Nike approaches corporate responsibility. It’s not just about getting better at what we do – addressing impacts throughout our supply chain – it’s about striving for the best, creating value for the business and innovating for a better world.

Issue Areas – Action Issues

As environmental, social and economic challenges in our world proliferate, they demand our best performance. We’re using the power of our brand, the energy and passion of our people and the scale of our business to create meaningful change. The opportunity is greater than ever for our sustainability strategy to drive business growth, build deeper consumer and community connections, and create positive social and environmental change.

We’re focusing our corporate responsibility efforts in the areas in which we can have the greatest impact and create the most value: Through the materials we design into our products, through the process of making those materials and products, and in the world of sport where our products are used.

Nike’s Corporate Responsibility Reports provide more information about our sustainability impacts, strategy and performance. View our FY10-11 Corporate Responsibility Report.

Student Name and Class Year: Tara Singh, Certificate ’10

If you are interested in getting in touch with this student/alum, please contact Caroline Ramaley, [email protected]

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