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Mar 4 / BARD CEP

Water: The Looming Crises – New Haven, CT, April 5

Organization: Yale Climate & Energy Institute

Title: Water: The Looming Crisis

Location: Burke Auditorium, 195 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT

Date/Time: April 5, 2013.


Public discussions of global warming usually focus on greenhouse gaes and rising temperatures. But the most severe and looming impacts of climate change will likely come from shifts in regional and global water patterns. Water: The Looming Crises will focus on the science of predicting the future hydrologic cycle and on how industry, government and NGOs are taking steps to deal with all aspects of water in a warmer world.

Featured Speakers:

Kerry Emanuel, MIT: Hurricanes and Storms in a Warmer World

Gavin Schmidt, NASA: Can We Constrain Future Hydrology Changes by Looking to the Past?

Jay Gulledge, Oak Ridge National Lab: Climate Science, Water, and Security

Farhana Sultan, Syracuse University: The Social Impacts of Changing Water Patterns

Torgny Holmgren, Stockholm International Water Institue: Organzing to Combat the Global Water Crisis

Panel Discussions:

Anticipating and Adapting to Water Extremes Today

Understanding and Planning for Future Water Needs

Registration Information:

Send an email to [email protected] with “YCEI Annual Conference” on the subject line. Include your name, institution or company, department, and status (e.g. faculty, student, staff, or job title).

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