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Jun 12 / BARD CEP

Conservation Planner – Weston, CT

Organization: Town of Weston, CT

Position Title: Conservation Planner

Location: Weston, CT

Hours & Compensation: 19 hours/wee. $30.80/hour. Limited benefits.

Application Deadline: Résumé review will begin July 12 and will continue until filled.

Posted On: June 5, 2013.

Organization Overview:

Weston is a residential community in Southwestern Connecticut (about 45 miles from New York City) with a population of approximately 10,150 residents.  Residents enjoy two acre zoning, a lack of commercial development, a focus on open space, and an outstanding educational system.


The purpose of this position are to act as the designated Agent for the Conservation Commission and to provide it with advice, research, analysis and fieldwork. The Agent also provides conservation and environmental expertise and support to the Building department, Planning and Zoning, other Town entities and the general public. As the designated Agent, conducts the Administrative Review and Permitting process for projects of a minimal environmental impact on watercourses and wetlands. The Planner makes on-site inspections, investigates potential violations of regulations and responds to complaints and emergencies. The Conservation Planner is responsible for maintaining and improving upon the efficiency and effectiveness of all areas under his/her direction and control.


  • As designated Agent for the Conservation Commission, review projects that are of a minimal environmental impact on watercourses and wetlands. Homeowners can obtain Administrative Review Permits (ARP) directly through the Agent.
  • Review engineering plans and reports on proposed land developments with regards to environmental impacts; provide analysis and recommendations on design changes and likely environmental impact to the Commission for decisions on Applications.
  • Review plans and applications to the Conservation Commission and Building Inspector to determine necessity of issuing a permit. Advise applicants about conservation and environmental regulations and the permit application process.
  • Assist perspective applicants in completing the application process, including advice in developing plans that comply with Commission criteria, explanation of the process steps and ways to ensure compliance after an approval is issued.
  • Assist Code Enforcement Officer in making on-site inspections to check compliance with issued permits and conditions; assist in investigating calls regarding potential violations of wetlands regulations; advise officer of required additional actions.
  • Attend regular and special meetings of the Conservation Commission and other agencies as required and participate in site walks. Provide evidence, oral and written testimony as necessary. Provide expertise to the Commission to contribute to an informed decision-making process.
  • Advise and assist the Fire Marshal, homeowners and contractors in dealing with leaking underground storage tanks (USTs-Heating oil) in environmentally sensitive areas, including remediation of contaminated areas to State of CT standards.
  • Respond to complaints and emergencies regarding potential and actual violations of Town regulations and Best Management Practices. Recommend containment, restoration, enforcement and/or legal actions, as appropriate.
  • Assist landowners, homeowners and perspective applicants with a wide range of information, services and advice regarding wetlands and watercourses, including methods to minimize potential adverse impact of construction, on-site reviews to ensure site plans comply with Town regulations, and obtaining professional services to support proposed site development plans.
  • Maintain the following databases with backup: Conservation Commission Applications, Decisions and Permits Issued Summary, Administrative Review Applications, Decisions and Permits Issued Summary, individual Site Inspections and relevant information summaries. Develop and maintain other databases as necessary. Activities are conducted in conjunction with the Building department to ensure wetlands, watercourse or ponds will not be adversely affected by development and construction projects. Draft reports and correspondence as required.
  • Develop and manage the annual Conservation Commission Budget and assist the Commission with processing RFQs.
  • Serve as primary contact with the CT DEP and other federal state and regulatory agencies with regard to relevant site development evaluation, regulation enforcement and other related activities, including coordinated field work. Keep current with changes in related regulations and assist the Conservation Commission in updating Town regulations and implementation practices. Attend educational sessions relevant to CT Inlands Wetlands and Watercourses legal issues, resource management and related disciplines.
  • Serve as representative to related advisory committees, councils and associations, such as Norwalk River Watershed Advisory Commission, Saugatuck River Partnership Board.
  • Comply with OSHA.


Education, Training and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies or related field
  • Over three years of experience in Conservation/Inland Wetlands or a related field and experience with regulatory compliance practices
  • Masters degree preferred
  • Relevant professional certifications may be considered


  • Thorough knowledge of, and ability to apply principles, concepts and practices governing inland wetlands, water courses and water quality as well as soils, flora and fauna, as they related to inlands wetlands and watercourses;
  • Knowledge of relevant federal and state laws and regulations, including the Inland Wetland Act, DEP, Army Corps of Engineers, CT Property Transfer Act, FEMA, Best Management Practices, UST regulations, etc.;
  • Knowledge of Town regulations and Commission procedures, including the Conservation Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission and the Building Department


  • Ability to read and interpret plans, designs, maps, drawings and specifications
  • Ability to inspect and evaluate sites and construction projects to assess potential adverse impact and compliance
  • Ability to enforce regulations firmly and courteously
  • Ability to conduct research to understand new conservation methods and resources
  • Ability to multitask
  • Ability to prepare and present technical and narrative reports in oral and written form
  • Ability to use general office and computer systems/software
  • Ability to use measuring and camera equipment


  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Aptitude for working with land-use maps and site plans
  • Aptitude for working with and explaining laws and regulations to people
  • Aptitude for working with people and maintaining effective working relationships with various groups, including participation on other town committees
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Aptitude for working with paperwork and details and skill in using the above-mentioned equipment plus new technologies as they become available.

How to Apply:

Send cover letter and resume to: Town Administrator, PO Box 1007, Weston, CT 06883 or to [email protected].

Contact Information:

Town of Weston, CT;

Job URL:

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