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Oct 11 / BARD CEP

Internship, Reforestation- India

Organization: Conserve Natural India

Position Title: Reforestation, Wildlife, and Conservation Internship

Location: Hoshiapur and Dharamashala, Dharamashala and Punjab, Himāchal Pradesh, India

Hours and Compensation: 40 hours/week, unpaid

Application Deadline: not given




While there are a significant amount of protected forest areas in North India, as well as an afforestation government program, the translation of the importance and necessity of such efforts has been lacking. Therefore, the WildForest project was created with the purpose of:

  • Doing impact and assessment studies on the current management of protected forests near the local communities of Dholbaha/Janauri (Punjab) and Naddi (Himachal Pradesh), the impact of these areas on the surrounding communities/individual homes, and the effectiveness of these areas in terms of wildlife conservation, native vegetation afforestation efforts and biodiversity preservation
  • Doing an impact assessment specific to the Himalayan area on climate change impact on this vulnerable ecosystem, and creating a guide on potential mitigation and adaptive strategies
  • Creating education pamphlets and documents to be distributed in the local community, academic, governmental and environmental institutions and to visiting persons and tourists
  • Researching the cause of declining native wildlife populations, primarily focused on (but not limited to) those of the tortoise and iguana, with the purpose to aid in the development of projects or programs that could help rehabilitate said species
  • Aiding in afforestation efforts by researching alternative wood-variety trees that can be planted and harvested sustainably, as an alternative material source for local construction, and even as a potential material for exportation in the future, so that native species may be protected and allowed to be rehabilitated in heavily forested and degraded areas (our current material focus is on bamboo cultivation)

WildForest interns would work on one or more of the focus areas. We are looking for individuals to manage projects with a background in forestry, natural resource management, sustainable development, eco-tourism and/or journalism; we are also looking for enthusiastic, motivated and innovative youth to assist in project management, regardless of their backgrounds studies or experience.

To follow current ConservEN projects, visit the website, read our BLOG with contributinos from current interns. Also, please follow our Facebook Page!


Free on-site accommodation is provided. Free access to Internet is provided in the various centers and some houses. Additionally, work-related transportation and phone expenses (partially) are provided for by the organisation.

How to Apply

Please apply by sending an email, addressing the above criteria, with your CV and cover letter to [email protected]. Please use “WildForests Project Manager” or “WildForests Assistant Project Manager” as the subject of your email.

Only applications for an internship request for a minimum duration of 3 months will be considered. For further information about the organisation and projects, or to apply for an internship position directly on our website, please visit, and click on WildForestPro.

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