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Oct 23 / BARD CEP

Executive Director – Juneau, AK

Organization: Southeast Alaska Conservation Council

Job Title: Executive Director

Location: Juneau, AK

Hours and Compensation: Full time

Application Deadline: November 7, 2013

Posted on: October 21, 2013


Organization Overview:

SEACC’s mission is to protect the special places of the world’s largest temperate rainforest, promote conservation, and advocate for sustainability in human use of natural resources. Inspired by the land, wildlife, cultures, and communities of Southeast Alaska, SEACC strives to ensure this interconnected whole exists for future generations.


Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, one of America’s premiere grassroots conservation organizations, seeks Executive Director to protect key wild lands in Tongass National Forest. Proven non-profit manager, excellent interpersonal skills, track record of success with conservation issues, willingness to travel. Based in Juneau. Salary DOE + benefits. Send resume, references, brief writing sample (and any questions) to [email protected] . Deadline November 7 or until filled. For more information about SEACC see

The Executive Director is responsible for providing effective management and implementation of SEACC’s conservation programs and the organization. This is a full-time chief executive position based in Juneau, Alaska. The Executive Director is an at-will employee, exempt from overtime. Salary depends on experience, with health and leave benefits. The Executive Director will have support of experienced staff and committed Board members.



The Executive Director is responsible for daily management of the organization, including program planning and implementation, finances, fundraising, office management, staff supervision, and complying with legal responsibilities of non-profits. The Executive Director works in close partnership with the Board of Directors to manage the financial health and overall direction of the organization. The Executive Director will be assisted in these duties by a knowledgeable, accomplished staff.

Program implementation

  • Based upon the Strategic Plan approved by SEACC’s Board, prepare Annual Operation Plans in cooperation with the staff, and with final approval by the Board. Base individual staff work plans on the Annual Operating Plan.
  • Oversee development and implementation of legislative, legal, grassroots and other programs. Inform and get direction from the Board about new opportunities and challenges.
  • Engage and influence policy makers at all levels of government in cooperation with other conservation groups.
  • Work with the board to annually review the organization’s effectiveness and performance, and update the Strategic Plan when needed.

Public relations

  • Sustain the strong grassroots element in SEACC’s organization and advocacy through community organizing, volunteer activism, and education that forwards the organization’s mission.
  • Represent SEACC to the public.
  • Maintain strong, cordial connections with other Alaskan and national environmental organizations.
  • Cultivate traditional and social media and other public relations to ensure SEACC is the “go-to” organization for conservation in Southeast Alaska and to convey accurate information about important conservation issues. Oversee SEACC’s website and publications. Ensure publication of SEACC’s newsletter at least 3 times per year and distribution of issue alerts and other products to membership and other audiences. Oversee publication of annual organization reports.

Staff and Contractor Management

  • Supervise staff, contractors, and volunteers in a cooperative, respectful and forthright manner. Maintain a cordial and productive office atmosphere, and delegate tasks to a very competent staff. Emphasize teamwork. Facilitate professional training opportunities for staff. Hire new staff as necessary.
  • Help staff focus on achieving work and strategic plan goals. Annually evaluate each employee.

Fiscal and Membership Management

  • Manage finances, in cooperation with the Board. Develop and monitor the annual budget, oversee income/expenditures and compilation of fiscal reports. Provide the Board Finance Committee with monthly financial reports and provide quarterly financial reports to the full Board. Facilitate the annual audit.
  • With the assistance of fundraising staff and consultants, ensure sufficient funds are raised to meet the annual budget and cash flow needs. Oversee grant and reporting requirements, and SEACC’s membership development, including new and renewing members, major donors, legacy gifts, and volunteers. Establish and maintain good relationships with foundations, major donors and supporters. Provide the Finance Committee and Board a grant status report at least quarterly.
  • Ensure that SEACC members are engaged and informed. Attune to fundamental membership viewpoints regarding the direction and positions of the organization.

Board Relations

  • Work closely with the Board, especially the President, Executive Committee, and Finance Committee. Provide assistance including logistics, and preparation and distribution of full, accurate information concerning issues, programs, and administration. Provide the Board with monthly reports about Executive Director activities and relevant conservation issues. Notify the Board of any developments that may significantly affect the organization.
  • Assist with development for the Board and the organization’s policies and plans.


  • A dynamic leader with excellent interpersonal skills. Experience building robust partnerships, and a proven track record of success with conservation issues within state/federal administrations and/or legislatures. Demonstrates sound strategy, and diplomacy in relations with colleagues, state and federal agencies, the federal administration, the Alaska Legislature, and the U.S. Congress. Knowledge of Southeast Alaska conservation issues.
  • Proven success as a non-profit manager, administrator, and in fundraising. Self-directed, motivated, and innovative. Ability to manage a budget. Excellent written and verbal skills.
  • Experience working in collaboration with Board members and staff, and with partner organizations. Experience making decisions based on Board policy, sound information, and analysis. Experience engaging and empowering a staff and a Board, with a preference for transparency, team decisions, and delegating tasks. Balances the roles of manager, leader, coach and mentor.
  • Willingness to travel.

How to Apply:

Please submit a cover letter, resume, writing sample, and three references to [email protected]. The deadline for applications is Thursday, November 7, 2013(or until the position is filled). Questions regarding the position can be sent to the same email address.

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