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Feb 15 / BARD CEP

Biodiversity Assessment Training, Hudsonia, Ltd.- New York

Six-Month Training in Biodiversity Assessment

for Land Use Decision-Makers


Starting April 2014


Offered at no charge to selected groups.

Training credits are available. 


Hudsonia Ltd. and the Hudson River Estuary Program (NYSDEC) are pleased to offer this Biodiversity Assessment Training to land use decision-makers in the Hudson Valley.

This 6-month program provides instruction in techniques for identifying and protecting biodiversity resources

in your town, watershed, or community.

Through hands-on exercises, you will learn

·         principles of biodiversity conservation

·         to identify important habitats in your town or planning area

·         to apply that knowledge to policy-making, land use planning, and environmental reviews.


Who Should Apply?

•       Organize a team of 5-10 volunteer participants from agencies and organizations actively involved in land use decision-making.  Team members can be from town boards, planning boards, conservation commissions, or watershed councils;  staff of land trusts;  or municipal representatives directly involved in environmental reviews, land use policy-making, and planning.

•       Teams must be within the ten-county Hudson River Estuary Corridor:  from Rockland and Westchester counties in the south to Albany and Rensselaer counties in the north.

•       Team members may represent a single municipal agency or conservation organization or a mix of several agencies and organizations.  Intermunicipal groups are encouraged to apply.


Application Deadline March 3, 2014 

for application instructions and additional information:

see attached pdf, or


For questions or additional information, contact Leah Ceperley, Hudsonia Ltd.

 845-758-7053     [email protected]


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