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Mar 1 / BARD CEP

Environmental Internship Abroad-India

Organization: Leave UR Mark

Position Title: Environmental Internship Abroad

Location: State of Karnātaka, India

Hours and Compensation: 40 hours/ week. Unpaid.

Application Deadline: Not listed.


Internship Description:

Leave UR Mark has an opportunity for a 1 to 3 month internship working for an environmentally sustainable initiative promoting an organic and holistic lifestyle in Southern India. Some of the missions that you would be working towards are:

  • Helping create easily replicable models of sustainable living in order to inspire more people to adapt an eco-friendly lifestyle. To promote and implement sustainable practices in activities.
  • To educate consumers about the nutritional and environmental benefits of organic foods. To promote “forgotten future foods” and inform people about their numerous benefits
  • To promote new forms of responsible tourism that aim to conserve nature and to support local communities
  • To educate farmers and motivate them to practice organic farming. To ensure better prices for the farmers produce and also to sell the products to consumers keeping a very reasonable margin (fairtrade policy)

The initiative achieves these goals thorugh an eco hotel, organic food store, organic farm, and organic farm. Interns would get a chance to mix up their activities at each.

Interns must be 18 and over and either enrolled at an accredited university or have already graduated. If you are studying environmental sciences, sustainabilities or have experience working in conservation and eco projects, it would be a great help!

Leave UR Mark charges a $595 Placement Fee for securing your internship, total Pre-Departure support (visas, health, insurance, safety guidance) and airport pickup at Bangalore International Airport.

Leave UR Mark also has an intern appartment with meals close to the internship office for an additional cost or you are free to look on your own. You are welcome to use our local support team to take care of you from start to finish of the internship. Our interns love staying together at our appartment and traveling on the weekends together! 

Email us your resume at [email protected] and let us know when you’d like to come and for how long! Also check out our blog to learn more about us and our

How to apply:

Email us your resume at[email protected]and let us know when you’d like to come and for how long! Also check out our blog to learn more about us and our

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