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Mar 27 / BARD CEP

Chief Operating Officer-Trenton, NJ.

Organization:  Isles, Inc.

Position Title: Chief Operating Officer

Location: Trenton, NJ.

Hours and Compensation: Full time.

Application Deadline: Not listed.


Job Overview

The Chief Operating Officer will serve as the internal leader of a non-profit community development and environmental corporation with an annual operating budget of $7M. This leader will be responsible for operations oversight, fund development and finance, administration and research. S/he will recruit, evaluate, and develop senior staff. S/he will also help represent Isles to diverse stakeholders and constituencies as needed. In the event that the CEO is unavailable, the COO will serve as acting CEO.

Supervises: Managing Directors, Finance and Administration Director, Resource Development Director

Main Responsibilities

Service Design, Management and Evaluation

  • Manage the Isles pipeline of services, ensuring that all services align with the organization’s goals as reviewed by the Pipeline Oversight Committee of the Board
  • Coordinate development of goals and objectives, budgets and reporting systems
  • Develop, manage, and coordinate day-to-day systems and procedures
  • Evaluate service performance on an on-going basis and help revise objectives and plans in accordance with changing needs

Development and Communications

  • Support the CEO and Director of Development in creating overall strategy for Isles fundraising and public relations efforts
  • Evaluate performance in development and communications and revise objectives and plans as necessary
  • Participate in fundraising as needed, interpreting and representing Isles to major prospects, donors, and foundations
  • Participate in public relations efforts as needed, interpreting and representing Isles to the community
  • Oversee internal communications for Isles

Finance and Administration

  • Oversee management of financial systems, policies, and procedures
  • Oversee implementation of personnel policies and benefits
  • Oversee facilities management and purchasing and supplies procedures
  • Oversee compliance with government regulations and significant covenants

Staff Responsibilities

  • Recruit members of the management team in collaboration with the President/CEO. Oversee the recruitment and training of all other staff
  • Oversee and facilitate effective performance of senior managers and project consultants
  • Conduct performance appraisals for senior managers annually, and more often if needed; ensure that all other staff are evaluated annually by supervisors, and more often where appropriate
  • Design approaches to enhance staff performance and foster professional growth.



Bachelor degree required; advanced degree helpful but not essential


  • At least 7 years experience as a manager in a small to mid-sized business, medium-to-large nonprofit organization, or governmental department, with at least 5 years at a senior level
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully manage programs, fundraising and communications activities, finance and administration and research
  • A background in community and/or environmental development is extremely helpful, as is familiarity with state, regional and local issues


  • Excellent organizational and management skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Solid analytical skills
  • Cultural competence and ability to interact effectively with a broad mix of people, both within and outside the organization
  • Ability to motivate others and to build teams effectively
  • Ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality
  • Intellectual curiosity, flexibility, and a sense of humor

How to apply:

Send cover letter and resume to[email protected]

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