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Apr 22 / BARD CEP

Environmental Education Internship-South Africa

Organization: if i could…

Position Title: Environmental Education Internship

Location: South Africa

Hours and Compensation: Unpaid

Application Deadline: Not listed.


Internship Description:

Description: This non-profit organisation provides holistic alternative education that incorporates spiritual well-being, physical health and environmental consciousness. The organisation runs programmes in primary schools, and offer a supplementary curriculum that includes meditation, yoga, food-gardening and earthworm farming.

There are excellent opportunities for like-minded individuals to help with organisational administration, monitoring and evaluation, website redesign and new project implementation.

Ideal Candidate:

  • reliable
  • open-minded
  • concern for environmental issues
  • interested in alternative education
  • dedicated
  • enjoys working with children

Possible Intern Roles:

Can you assist this organisation in one of more of these areas?

  • fundraising
  • business planning
  • research
  • monitoring & evaluation
  • project development
  • website redesign and web development
  • marketing; writing and editing communications
  • database management
  • alternative education curriculum development

Why it’s Important

A crucial aspect of responsible development is considering the processes which are necessary for achieving sustainable progress. This organisation seeks to provide an alternative approach to early education by introducing children to a way of learning that is very hands-on and tied to holistic well-being. A focus on health and environmental connection provides the basis for responsible problem solving in South Africa’s future leaders.

Intern through if i could…, an internship organisation that seeks international candidates who want to intern in South Africa and gain valuable development experience. Our mission is to harness the skills of interns as well as organisations and equip them with the skills needed to further pursue developmental goals.

Note: There is a $1500 fee included.

How to apply:

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Apply on our website:

OR email us at for more information.

Please include the type of internship desired in addition to your resume. We look forward to hearing from you!



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