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Sep 29 / BARD CEP

Conference: New York State Marine Sciences Consortium – Hempstead, New York

Bard Center for Environmental Policy faculty and students are invited to attend the annual conference of the New York State Marine Sciences Consortium on October 18 at Hofstra University.

As directed by the National Ocean Policy, regional and New York Ocean Action Plans and Ocean Assessments are being drafted that will protect and guide our management of marine resources for now and for the future. The New York Marine Sciences Consortium will host a meeting to gather input from the scientific community, policy makers, other stakeholders and the general public to inform these action plans and assessments.

Your input from the conference will be used to develop recommendations and identify critical knowledge gaps regarding ocean-related human uses, natural resources, and cultural factors. The NY Marine Sciences Consortium will use this information to produce a meeting report that will be presented to NY State and to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Oceans to guide development of the Action Plans and Assessments. The action plans and assessments are critically important as they will help maximize the benefits of our ocean resources and protect the health of the ecosystem.

The convenors would like BCEP to know that:

  1. All faculty with an interest are invited.This should include those with interests in environmental and marine policy and sustainability, environmental law, as well as marine scientists. The registration is free, and pre-registered students will get free lunch.
  2. Faculty are encouraged to bring appropriate classes to the meeting.  If you plan on bringing a class, please let us know through the online form or contact Christine Gurdon at Stony Brook.
  3. There will be a poster session and awards. The session is for posters on any aspect of marine sciences in New York, regardless of whether or not the research is related to the meeting topic.  The top graduate posters will receive a cash prize.

For more information, please see the New York Marine Sciences Consortium webpage.

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