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Nov 19 / BARD CEP

Climate Campaign Manager, Climate Solutions – Washington

Organization: Climate Solutions

Position Title: Campaign Manager for Washington Climate Campaign

Location: Washington, DC

Hours and Compensation: Full time

Application Deadline: Applications are due no later than December 1st, but will be reviewed as received. Desired start date is January 1st at the latest.

Description: The Washington climate campaign, a coalition of environmental, business, labor, and community organizations based in Seattle seeks a Campaign Manager for a period of no less than 8 months with a possibility of up to a two year project timeline.

The West Coast Climate Campaign, of which the Washington campaign is a part, demonstrates that the West Coast can catalyze an economy-wide transition from fossil fuels to a more just, sustainable, and prosperous economy powered by clean energy. Washingtonians and Oregonians are joining CA and BC to dramatically cut climate pollution, expand the middle class, establish working, replicable models of climate solutions, and drive change on large-scale climate and clean energy action at the national level. Given the stranglehold the fossil fuel industry has inside the Beltway, the way we will force action on one of the greatest threats of our time is through the states leading.

Our policy goals are to secure passage of legislation to reduce carbon pollution in Washington, to enact a Clean Fuels Standard for Washington, and to transition Washington off imported coal power. Combined, these actions will expand a vibrant clean energy economy in the region that creates good jobs. Along the way, we are setting benchmarks for success, including: list and grassroots capacity building; raising public awareness and support; increasing non-traditional support for climate action; and educating press, legislators, business and community leaders on the opportunities presented by reducing carbon pollution in Washington.

Responsibilities: At the hub of this effort will be a Campaign Manager. This individual will be responsible for:

 Writing the overall campaign plan, and updating it as circumstances change.

 Day to day oversight of campaign activities, including field, earned media, coalition building, and

general outreach and partner engagement activities.

 Maintenance of campaign task list and deliverables.

 Coordination with press, legislative, field and policy staff from partner organizations to assure

timeliness and consistency of message and expectations.

 Coordination with consultants and lobbyists to maintain strategic focus and key benchmarks for

campaign and legislative activity.

 Coalition management including meeting coordination, electronic and other regular

communications, and stakeholder engagement.

 Other tasks as needed.


Qualifications: Ideally, the successful applicant possesses:

 5+ years of hands on campaign experience, whether political or issue-based.

 Strong organizational skills.

Ability to work with minimal day to day supervision.

 Ability to adopt a collaborative leadership approach with a large professional team, at times

taking direction and giving direction.

 Willingness to travel and manage a demanding schedule.

 Ability and desire to work with racially and economically diverse populations in a dynamic

campaign setting.

 Passion for addressing climate change.

This is a senior management position, and this individual will serve as part of the Campaign’s growingstrategic and executive team structure. The Campaign Manager will report to the Campaign’s Executive Committee. We are looking for a strong implementer who can drive a complex, multi-faceted campaign plan that touches all parts of the state, and combines legislative, grassroots, earned media and coalition building activities.

How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter, resume, writing sample and references to: [email protected]

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