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Nov 30 / BARD CEP

Alumni Internship: Woodstock Land Conservancy – New York

*If you want more information about this BCEP graduate’s internship experience or want to get in touch with a student/alum, please contact Caroline Ramaley at [email protected].

Organization: Woodstock Land Conservancy

Location: Woodstock, New York

Student Name and Class Year:  Megan McClellan, 2014

Organization description:  The Woodstock Land Conservancy permanently protects open lands, natural resources, scenic areas, and historic sites in Woodstock and the surrounding eastern Catskills.

We believe that it is the places we love most that bring us together as a community, and that everyone benefits from conserving the forests, fields, wetlands, and streams that keep the air and water clean, support farming, logging, and tourism, and are home to diverse wildlife.

WLC works with landowners who want to determine the future use of their land. By offering alternatives to selling land for development that both respect private property rights and can provide substantial tax benefits and financial advantages, we support the needs of landowners and local communities while protecting natural resources. WLC often collaborates with other conservation groups, businesses, and local and state agencies to achieve our goals.

Beyond protecting and caring for our lands, WLC offers fun and exciting nature education events to the community. By bringing people, especially, children and families, outdoors we encourage future generations to appreciate the beauty and history of the special places in Woodstock and the Eastern Catskill Mountains.

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