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Mar 7 / BARD CEP

‘Next Leaders’ Program Summer Intern in Social Justice, Institute for Policy Studies – Washington, DC

Organization: Institute for Policy Studies

Position Title: ‘Next Leaders’ Program Summer Intern in Social Justice

Location: Washington, DC

Dates and Compensation: Paid; Start date June 1; 30 hours/week

Application Deadline: March 7, 2015

Dates and compensation: While we’re psyched about the training experience we’re offering, we also know that you can’t pay for groceries with experience; therefore, we offer a maximum stipend of $3,800 to offset the cost of working with IPS while you help us build the future of the progressive movement.

IPS firmly believes that financial barriers shouldn’t exclude people from internship opportunities. However, we strongly encourage applicants to find resources through their schools and other scholarships. Many schools offer assistance for summer internship programs, and we ask that all applicants explore those options first in order to allow us to accept a greater number of interns that do not have access to those resources.

Interns may also receive academic credit. IPS offers transportation assistance of 8$ per day but does not offer housing assistance.

Application Deadline: Positions open until filled

Description: The Institute for Policy Studies seeks dedicated young folks hungry for systemic transformation to join our Next Leaders Summer Program. Let’s be clear– this isn’t your typical summer internship. The world crisis in governance, economic stability, and ethical guidance demands that we do our best to prepare to secure and sustain a more just, green, and peaceful future starting, well, yesterday.

The Next Leaders Program aims to compel action by sharpening young voices and new ideas through training in public scholarship, a term we define as the connection between policy research and grassroots activism. Team up with us for this 10 week program, and you can forget fetching coffee and filing folders!

The Experience: Our program is broken into 3 parts:

  1. Workshop and Events Series– We’ve prepared a curriculum of weekly workshops and events geared toward the following:
  2. * Building community within your cohort
  3. * Sparking inter-generational dialogue to brainstorm around new organizing methods and pressure points in the policy world
  4. * Sharing skills needed to become a successful public scholar
  5. * Providing a crash course on the frameworks, history, and current events of the progressive movement and policy sphere
  6. Mentorship– Each participant will get hands-on experience by working on one of our projects and will receive individualized mentorship and training from one of our IPS public scholars. Participants will be selected to work on a topic in one of the following focus areas:
  7. *Inequality, Poverty, Wealth
  8. *New Economy
  9. *Worker Rights and Immigration
  10. *Demilitarization, Peace, and Diplomacy
  11. *Communication and Events
  12. *Environment and Sustainability
  13. Coalition Lab– You’ll have a chance to put your ideas into action through campaign-oriented projects in partnership with our allies and your other fellow participants. Through these projects you’ll not only get plugged into the larger progressive network, but you’ll also learn the important skills of coalition building and developing a work plan.

How to Apply:

Part 1: Please fill out the application form found here.

Part 2: When you’ve submitted your form, please send your resume and a 2-page writing sample to [email protected] with “Next Leaders Application” in the subject line. For your writing sample, we say, go wild! This can be a blog piece, an essay excerpt, a letter to the editor for a newspaper, an article in your school’s newspaper, etc.

Feel free to provide a couple sentences of context if you’re excerpting your selection from a larger piece. The important thing is for us to get a sense of something you’re passionate about…oh, and, we’d love to see if you can string a sentence together too.

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