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Mar 20 / BARD CEP

Sustainability Office Manager, University of Missouri

Organization: University of Missouri

Position Title: Sustainability Office Manager

Location: Columbia, Missouri

Dates and compensation: $45,600 – $65,000; Shift: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Application Deadline: Position open until filled

Description: To develop, promote, coordinate and integrate sustainability efforts across the campus to position the campus as a leader in sustainability thought, practice and education.  Communicate efforts and successes in incorporating sustainability principles into campus operations.

Responsibilities: Research and document sustainability issues on the campus.  Create and maintain sustainability indicators, such as energy and natural resources usage, waste generation and recycling.

Develop recommendations for sustainability plans, programs and policies in cooperation with faculty, staff, students and appropriate campus committees, assessing cost effectiveness, technical feasibility and means of achieving acceptance.

Generate detailed project implementation plans.  Facilitate the implementation of sustainability plans across the campus.

Manage sustainability issues with faculty, staff, students and appropriate campus committees and work to implement projects and activities.

Research, identify, write, secure and administer grants in support of sustainability efforts.

Provide communication to the campus and local community on sustainability issues in order to generate an awareness of, appreciation for, and participation in sustainability efforts and successes.

Document and evaluate sustainability activities across the campus.  Work with existing programs to support sustainability efforts.

Initiate and coordinate a composting program, diverting organic matter and fly ash from several campus sources; supervise the operation of the compost site to produce high quality ‘artificial’ soils or alternate usable materials.

Manage efforts to increase the amount of waste materials recycled; plan, conduct and coordinate promotional activities, programs and training to increase awareness and improve participation; monitor recycling program and serve as liaison between the University and the recycling vendor(s); monitor recycling markets and evaluate marketing options;

Prepare periodic and special reports, management plans and public relations materials.

Prepare, monitor and reconcile budgets, approve expenditures; reduce solid waste expenses and minimize future increases.


A bachelor’s degree in related field or a combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and abilities can be acquired is necessary. A master’s degree is preferred.

Minimum of four years of experience in a related field is necessary.

Preferred Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Engineering, Liberal Arts or related area, or a combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities can be acquired is necessary.

Five years’ experience with energy management, conservation, solid waste management, recycling, building design and construction and alternative transportation, including knowledge of environmental regulations is required.

Experience with the methods and practices of public presentations, public relations and training presentations is required.

How to Apply: Apply online

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