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Mar 31 / BARD CEP

Project Management Intern, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) – Washington, DC

Organization:  International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Position Title: Project Management Intern

Location: Washington, DC

Dates and compensation: Open to a recent university graduate or graduate student; Part and Full-Time (approximately 20-40 hours/week); Unpaid

Application Deadline: April 15, 2015

Description: The Project Management Intern will be working with the IUCN Washington, D.C. Office andIUCN-US on assisting with management of project deliverables for IUCN and partner organizations. This position will require professional interaction with a wide variety of conservation professionals in many different fields and timezones regarding the timing and delivery of materials required by funding organizations, including private foundations, individuals, and the U.S. and foreign government donors.

Under the overall supervision of the Grants Coordinator, the successful candidate will beresponsible for drawing out a work plan and schedule for managing the tasks assigned bythe Grants Coordinator and requests from programme staff. This will require regular review ofthe workload and priority setting. S/he will also need to keep the concerned managers informedabout the work schedule on a weekly basis. At the conclusion of the internship, the successful candidate will have gained important insight into the mechanics of international nature conservation and will produce a product that furthers his or her career goals.


Maintain pertinent records, files and documents in parallel electronic and paper formats; assure completeness and accuracy.

Maintain accessible online and paper calendar of grant deadlines and deliverables along with contact information for programme staff and specifics of required deliverables.

Prepare and review grant agreements and project deliverables with internal and external donors and colleague, including revision and editing of technical reports for a wide field of national and international environmental/ecological projects.

Prepare and transmit thank you/acknowledgement letters to donors.

Assist the Grants Coordinator with administrative support for IUCN-US board meetings: helpcompile reports and material for biannual IUCN-US Board Meetings and mid-year report. Attend IUCN-US Board meetings, take notes, and prepare minutes.

Maintain up-to-date registrations for IUCN DC and IUCN-US, including but not limited to thefollowing:U.S. government registrations including, but not limited to the CombinedFederal Campaign (CFC), U.S. Private Voluntary Organization Status (PVO), System for Award Management (SAM), and, state charity registrations, etc.

Assist Washington DC Communications in writing and communicating through social media, websites, and blogs regarding project successes and IUCN global campaigns.


Knowledge of key concepts, issues, and recent developments in international nature conservation.

Excellent writing, communication, and presentation skills.

Fluid knowledge of file sharing software (Dropbox) and Microsoft Office Word and Excel.

Attention to detail, punctuality, and well-rounded critical thinking and problem-solving skills

How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume including professional references to [email protected] by April 15, 2015

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