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May 13 / BARD CEP

Energy & Sustainability Project Manager, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – New York

Organization: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Position Title: Project Manager, Energy & Sustainability

Location: New York City, New York

Application Deadline: Position open until filled

Description: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, a preeminent comprehensive cancer center, is recruiting an outstanding professional to join its Facilities Management team as a Project Manager, Energy & Sustainability. Manage, coordinate, and develop essential energy efficiency projects, sustainability initiatives, reduction strategies and cost saving opportunities across the organization utilizing the collection and analysis of environmental data and by creating effective metrics to observe trends and further support initiatives.


  1. Responsibility Title: Energy & Sustainability Data Management

Responsibility Detail:

  • Manage and develop mechanisms to effectively gather, organize, and report utility and other environmental data from internal departments and vendors in ongoing manner
  • Interface with directors, managers, supervisors, administrators and their subordinate staffs to create effective metrics to demonstrate progress of each implemented project
  • Collect, track and validate monthly energy consumption data (electric, gas and steam) and water consumption data across the organization
  • Manage ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for all tracked buildings and meters
  • Manage relationships with respective utilities, energy consultants, local and state agencies (NYSERDA, GreeNYC, Mayor’s Challenge, Office of Long-Term Planning & Sustainability, Water Board)
  • Benchmark MSK against the healthcare industry and other applicable sectors based on energy, water and other environmental data

Percent of time: 20%

  1. Responsibility Title: Data & Software Analytics Management

Responsibility Detail:

  • Identify an Energy & Sustainability Software Solutions provider to streamline all environmental data into single integrated portal. Data is to include, but not limited to, energy, water, waste, procurement, construction/demo, and food.
  • Create real-time dashboard to effectively report, distribute, and reflect current energy and environmental progress across MSK
  • Provide comprehensive data analysis, benchmarking and reporting of energy consumption and other environmental metrics across MSK; Analyze data to identify trends and monitor goals over time
  • Develop metrics to measure financial and environmental impacts; Analyze potential projects based on these impacts
  • Oversee demand response programs

Percent of time: 20%

  1. Responsibility Title: Incentive & Rebate Recovery

Responsibility Detail:

  • Identify applicable incentive and rebate programs (NYSERDA, Con Edison, NYSO Demand Response, Energy Star)
  • Manage all incentive and rebate application processes, ensuring projects are in compliance and within timeframe of applicable rebate programs
  • Manage and maintain tracking of incentive rebates, refunds, and other applicable programs and update Facilities Management of progress and monetary awards received

Percent of time: 15%

  1. Responsibility Title:  Project Management, Facilitation & Support

Responsibility Detail:

  • Contribute to development, implementation, and monitoring of various initiatives, including collaboration with staff across clinical, administrative, and research functions; Plan and develop data-driven outreach material; And provide appropriate data on initiatives’ status and goal attainment
  • Support Facilities Management departments in managing energy efficiency projects, incentives, rebates and tracking the energy and cost savings incurred
  • Manage and support essential functions of the Green Team related to energy and energy initiatives
  • Perform audits, as needed, to ensure implementation and maintenance of current and completed projects
  • Prepare and review project updates, as required

Percent of time: 15%

  1. Responsibility Title: Energy Efficiency Liaison & Project Planning

Responsibility Detail:

  • Identify energy efficiency programs and opportunities to reduce consumption; Assess and prioritize based on financial, environmental, and social impacts
  • Support the General Manager of Facilities Operations – Energy & Engineering in the planning and managing of current and future projects
  • Prioritize short-term and long-term energy initiatives based on data analysis
  • Develop, in conjunction with the General Manager of Facilities Operation – Energy & Engineering and Design & Construction team, a Master Energy Plan for MSK
  • Assist in managing and conducting retro-commissioning, ASHRAE audits and Local Law 84/87/88 compliance, as required
  • Research potential energy efficiency grants and other funding opportunities
  • Interface with outside consulting groups, as required
  • Assist in energy procurement, as requested
  • Support Plant Operations staff in management of their projects, as requested
  • Monitor energy regulations and carbon footprint requirements
  • Promote energy awareness among Facilities Management staff

Percent of time: 10%

  1. Responsibility Title:  Information Management & Reporting

Responsibility Detail:

  • Oversee and collaborate on various energy and sustainability reporting needs across the organization, utilizing relevant data to support and demonstrate progress
  • Manage all energy and sustainability-related information requests, including award applications, internal dashboard, external initiatives, and audits
  • Develop material and data for internal and external communications, including presentations, real-time dashboard as well as external sustainability website.
  • Maintain database of energy efficiency and energy projects across the organization
  • Develop material and data for internal and external communications, including website and presentations

Percent of time: 10%

  1. Responsibility Title: Gross Receipt Tax Utility Recovery

Responsibility Detail: Manage and maintain tracking of gross receipt tax recovery

  • Develop and maintain effective process for determining applicable square footage for gross receipt tax refunds
  • Annual reevaluation of the spaces applicable to the gross receipt tax (i.e. resale of patient services) and file the necessary paperwork to process recovery funds

Percent of time: 5%

  1. Responsibility Title: Professional Development

Responsibility Detail: Maintain and enhance professional growth and development through participation in workshops, seminars, and professional affiliations as well as internal training sessions to keep abreast of trends in the field of sustainable healthcare practices

  • Utilize skills learned to assist with quality improvement initiatives and implementation of best practices

Percent of time: 5%

KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Minimum Education:  Masters in Energy Management, Environmental Studies, Sustainability, or equivalent

Minimum Experience: Three (3) to five (5) years of previous experience in data analysis, preferably with a focus on energy, environmental issues, and/or sustainability. Knowledge of energy efficiency and corporate sustainability trends as well as quantitative analysis related to sustainability metrics.

LICENSE/CERTIFICATE: Preferred: LEED Green Associate, LEED Accredited Professional, Global Reporting Initiative’s Reporting Process Certificate, Certified Energy Manager (CEM)


  • Excellent analytical and data analysis skills, including quantitative and qualitative data, with a strong attention to detail
  • Excellent computer skills with Microsoft Office Suite applications and internet research; advanced Excel skills required
  • Personable and professional communication skills, including verbal and written communication
  • Ability to lead meetings, participate in departmental meetings, and effectively communicate analytical information
  • Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to make independent decisions and demonstrate a high level of initiative and proactive approach to problem-solving
  • Ability to work under deadline and manage competing demands
  • Exhibit sound judgment and the utmost professionalism in all aspects of the position
  • Ability to identify and maintain a high degree of confidentiality, when necessary

Consistently exhibit the company’s values in all interactions with associates and others outside the company

How to Apply: Individuals interested in this position should send a resume and cover letter to Robert Berninger at [email protected].

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